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    Thread: Dream interpretation please

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      Dream interpretation please

      Im 9 weeks from having a baby, and have had some very interesting dreams throughout my pregnancy...In one of my dreams from last night I was told to watch something, and I don't know who told me, or why they told me to do so.

      They placed this cute little pink piglet around a spider-web in the middle of a green field, it kind of just floated there, and wasn't really attached to anything, and it wasn't sticky, it's not like the piglet couldn't run away if it didn't want to. The piglet just mosied around it without a care in the world.

      But then out of nowhere this large hairy spider came along and started attacking the little piglet and the piglet started squealing, and I felt a panic, and I was scared for the piglet, but I was either too scared to do anything, or was just frozen, I wouldn't let myself save it. Then this large dark gray cat (with a full tail) attacked the spider and saved the little piglet before it could get eaten or killed....or worse.

      I'm pretty sure I woke up after that... but I've been looking online all day and haven't been able to find anything close to an interpretation of what I dreamt about.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you!
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      Welcome to Dreamviews.

      I'm moving your question to Dream Interpretation section for more relelvant replies. Good luck and Happy dreams.

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      I don't think dream interpretation has hard and fast "symbols" that apply to everyone. I would spend some time recording your dreams, and find out what spiders mean to you. Not the easy answer, I know, but probably something that will help you understand more of your dreams in the future.

      You can also try Fritz Perl's gestalt method: relive the dream in your mind, but alternatively relive the dream from the perspective of yourself, the person who told you to watch, the pig, the spider, and then the cat. You can also try reliving from the perspective of an inanimate object. Take note of your feelings as you relive the dream in different perspectives. All of the dream characters are your own mind, so the only one who can really tell you what your dream means is you.

      Good luck. If you try that method, let me know how it goes. And congratulations on your pregnancy: I wish you luck on the big day

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      Good Evening Ash1987,

      Quote Originally Posted by Ash1987 View Post
      Im 9 weeks from having a baby, and have had some very interesting dreams throughout my pregnancy...
      This is very common. What you may not know is that women who are pregnant will often have very strange dreams around 5 months onwards as you start to dream what you baby is dreaming and what you are dreaming. They get mixed and need to be spliced! Did you have a dream within a dream here?

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