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      Very bizzare dream about an ex

      In a nutshell my dream was: I walked in on my ex having anal sex with another man (my ex is male, I am female).

      There were two men there with him. I was shocked when I saw it and left the room but then could see everything in a mirror which was in the hallway.

      Very confused by this. I haven't been with this guy for 6 and a half years

      Any ideas???

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      Greetings sunshine85,

      Without being graphic, this should not be taken literally or sexually.

      Seeing your ex-partner engage in anal sex represents unresolved problems where you might have felt 'screwed over' by your ex.
      The mirror tells you that this dream is about you, a self-reflection showing you something you need to deal with that is unresolved.
      The hallway shows us that you are currently in a transition in your life right now, goals you are close to achieving and you do not want to deviate off the path to success, but this dream is highlighting something you need to deal with that is unresolved.

      Let me know if that resonates with you at all,

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