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      my dream into a nightmare

      I had a dream last night
      And it started happy... Me my mom and Lil sis went to sign up to become police
      Then I'm holding an umbrella & the sun is out & we are all happy while this song plays ( I'm a cop /police.....I'm a cop/police) then everything goes red & I hear thunder ...then I'm holding an umbrella but I'm crying and its raining ....then I look behind me & I see a women smiling..... Then I look in front of me & I see my Lil sis in a cofen ...& the same song plays but in a demon voice ....then I wake up crying......

      THATS IT :/ .....CAN anyone tell me what it means????? :/

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      Greetings Oddalys,

      The police represents authority for good or evil, a spiritual protector.

      Umbrella represents emotional protection from disappointment or uncertainty. Shield yourself from negativity. Keep a positive attitude in difficult situation. The Sun represents this positive attitude.

      Red in this case represents prayer as the thunder storm speaks of spiritual warfare and the rain of cleansing of all that is bad.

      Because of the demon voice, the coffin represents something bad - this does not mean death however but rather it is metaphorical for something or someone that wants to oppress your sister.

      Therefore, this is a warning dream, not to scare you, but to equip you to engage in prayer for your sister. She is the focus of this dream. You are called to protect her spiritually from this attack. You have a unique ability to shield yourself from emotional and mental attacks that come your way, you are a tough person. You often remain positive in the hardest of situations. Therefore you are going to act as a shield for your sister and a support for her. You are called to pray for her protection from dark forces that would seek to attack her spiritually (this could be later on with depression etc..) Therefore be alert, be positive, and protect her in prayer.

      Let me know if that resonates with you at all,


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