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      Did I kill somebody ?

      hey all,
      if you have some interpretation about this little dream.

      I'm in a house, on a island. It's my house. Or a house I inherited. I'm about to leave. Police arrives. Asks me if you have time to review an old case. It's unclear what they want to talk about. I am frightened that they may talk about an old story I forgot. But now that the police is here, I'm starting to remember that something happened but I don't know what exactly. I just fear I may remember I killed my grandma or someone else. So I fear that they'll ask questions about that. But I don't remember it exactly, so I try to remember clearly to came up with answers to prove my innocence or to explain what happened. I think I'm innocent, but I have doubts about it. Also if I'm unable to explain what happened, then they may believe I'm guilty. Police and other people have gathered on a round table. We're waiting that everybody is here.
      I wake up before police starts to ask questions.. and relieved I haven't killed anybody.

      is that an oedipe story ? what I can make out of it ?

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