I had two dreams in one week where someone shot me in the head. I survived both times, for different reasons, but can't help wonder what does this mean? I am hoping someone can help.

Dream 1
I am on the road, driving a kid (don't know him) somewhere. My husband Mike had asked me to drivce him but didn't tell me where. I saw Pete on the road (someone from the past I don't like), and drove by him. I asked the boy "where are we going" and he responded saying it was a 3 hour trip. I couldn't believe how long the trip was and I said "we need food!" We stopped at wendys. mike stopped with us. We grabbed food, waited for mike. He went to the car, and said he needed something else. He went back in and came out. Now, I had to pee so I went back in for the bathroom. It was a nicer restaurant (buffet and bar) with the bathroom in the back of the room. The toilet in the bathroom was tall (too tall for anyone to use) and dirty (not visibly dirty in the dream but I had to clean it). Someone came in the house (restaurant became a house), and started shooting. I hid in bed under covers, pretended to be dead. The shooter came in the room with me. He climbed onto the bed, knowing I was there (it wasn't the best hiding spot) and shot me but the bullet grazed my head. I fooled him to think I was dead. I got the sense that he knew me. He said it would be the last time he would do this. Somehow I managed to stop the shooter. I found mike and others. There were other shooters, I loaded the gun I took from the first shooter. The other shooters dropped their weapons when they saw I had a gun. They gave me a carton of eggs, one neeed to be protected (it represented the boy earlier in the dream). But when I opened the carton, the eggs were smashed and I couldn't tell one yolk from another.

Mainly, I felt fear when i was hiding under the sheets. But when I overpowered the shooter and found the other shooters, I felt like wonderwoman who can overpower the enemy.

Dream 2
In a building and I didn't want to get caught. I had someone helping me, but through an earpiece. I hid inside the air ducts. Each hallway had specific lights to indicate if someone was hiding or if someone was there? The person on the other end of the earpiece managed to hack into the enemy's system to override those lights. I went into a new hallway, and found a way out. The bad guys were chasing me, but I ran through a construction site. I ended up in a home where the “good guys” were hiding. THe leader was speaking through a radio to the good guys saying we had to cut down the trees as the enemy used them against us or to get to us. As I sat and listened, he got up, grabbed a gun and shot me in the head. However, I had an ability to regenerate or reappear alive. I reappeared in the house but in a different location. I had the rifle, and so did he. We aimed at each other, I shot his chest first. Tried shooting again at his head, but I missed. While I was trying to shoot his head, he charged me.

In this second dream, I didn't really know the shot to the head was coming. I was just in shock when I reappeared but knew I had to act quickly. I think I felt adrenaline rushing through me as I had to move quickly before I was shot again.