Background info: I am a 17-year-old male. This is the first time I've had a dream I didn't wake up from before it ended, and it is the first dream I've had in several months that I actually remembered by morning. I absolutely hate the uncle I mention here because he choked me to unconsciousness and partially dislocated my shoulder over a punch buggy when I was 12. All names given are fake, but first initials are faithful to the real people they represent.

Tonight, I am in North Carolina. Last night I was at home in a different state, and I had a dream I was in a car wreck. I wasn't driving. It was noon. The car flipped over and rolled onto its side. Somehow, I ended up twisted under it from the waist down.

My father and uncle were severely injured and taken off-scene quickly in 2 different ambulances. This was what I could gather, because the earliest part I can remember is regaining consciousness after the wreck. When I came to, the doors to my uncle's ambulance were being shut, and my father was being lifted into the ambulance. Then an EMT came to me. They were in no rush, because I fit into the category of patients who would die regardless of treatment.

You know those sickeningly messed up stories you hear about where someone getting crushed, and it completely destroys them, but the thing crushing them is keeping their blood pressure up artificially so they don't die? That was me.

Severe nerve damage, so I couldn't feel pain past the injury. Even that was just a dull, warm ache. My head was in a daze, like I had a migraine. The EMT came to me with a horrified look on their face, trying to figure out how to tell me just how dire my situation was. As soon as they moved the car, I would bleed out in less than 10 seconds. With the car in place, I had as long as a day or two.

"I'm sorry... your lower body has been completely destroyed, and there's nothing we can do... you're gonna die. We'll try to give you as much time as you need to say your goodbyes... but... I'm sorry."
My first thoughts went to my friends. I sat up slightly and pulled my phone out of my pocket as the EMT walked away, leaving me some degree of privacy. The screen was cracked. First, I called Jamie, a one of my 3 closest friends and also one I used to have a crush on and actually asked out twice. In real life, I'm pretty sure I'm over her. In any case, she didn't answer. She wasn't who I really needed to talk to, anyway. I looked at my watch; she was at cheerleading practice. I left a message for her to call me, saying that it was an emergency.

Then I called Carmen. She is probably my best friend. Maybe tied for first. The other closest friend I have (Jim) is, like me, a diagnosable sociopath. While they put on a good bedside manner, I preferred to know the concern was real.

I knew I was dying before the EMT told me. I was very aware of my situation. But being aware of that was nowhere nearly as hard as making her aware. I know she cares about me deeply, and it hurt me more to know what I would be doing to her, emotionally, than to know that I was in my final hours.

We were on the phone for hours, most of it just crying together. She picked up on the second ring:

C: Hey, P.C!... 'Sup?

P: I... I'm not quite sure how to say this.
I groaned as I shifted position within my limited range of motion.

C: Are you okay?
She sounded worried.

P: ... No... I'm dying, Carmen... I've been in a fatal car accident... I think I'm the only one who won't make it.
She burst into tears.

P: The doctors said I have no chance of surviving... but it should be painless when I... wh-
I started to get choked up. She was trying to control her breathing, and sounded like she was shivering. I had, in fact, not been made any promises as to whether it would hurt and I hadn't thought about it until then... but it was an educated guess, and more importantly I thought it would be easier on her to think that.

P: I'm so sorry for doing this to you... But thank you for being here. You were one of the first real friends I've ever had. I'm glad for everything you've given me... every moment I ever had with you, and... a.. I'm sorry... it was selfish to make you do this, but there is no one I'd rather have with me at the end than you.
It was 5pm before something interrupted us. My phone buzzed. Someone was calling. Jamie.

P: There's someone else I need to say goodbye too. I'll be back. I love you.

C: I know... I'll be right here.
I took a few deep breaths and did my best to assume a calm appearance.

J: Hey, Peter.. I got your call, I'm sorry it took me so long to get back. Are you okay?

P: No, but this call isn't about me. I'm going to die, and there's something I have to tell you.

J: I.. I don't know what to say... I'm sorry.
Her voice cracked.

P: You're who this is about. I needed to tell you. You taught me one of the most valuable lessons I've learned. You taught me how to love...
I was choking back tears again.

P: And the one you taught me to love is you. I've never known a better person than you. I've never known someone who, even on your worst day, was more beautiful than you. You constantly say that you could never find someone besides who you're with now, but you're wrong. You could be with anyone you wanted. You are with Callen because you love him, and for no other reason. You knew I cared about you... but I wanted you to know I never stopped... I'll miss you... goodbye, Jamie.
Jamie was crying now, and I don't think I've known an emotionally stronger person than her. 3 times, she has thought quite reasonably that life as she knew it was ending, and I never saw her cry.

J: I.. I'm sorry... I love you, Mark, and I will never forget you... I'm glad you thought of me... I love you.
On her line, I recognized her boyfriend's voice asking what was wrong and who she was talking to.

P: should probably go. I love you, too, Jamie... Goodbye.
I could hear her try to reply, but nothing that resembled english came out of her mouth. After several seconds, she whispered "I'm sorry..." and the line went dead as she began to sob.

I waited a few minutes to recover and prepare myself, and I called Carmen back. She picked up as soon as it started ringing.

P: Thank you for being here.

C: I said I would.
We sat there on the phone together for quite some time. We didn't talk. We didn't cry. It was enough for each of us to know the other was there.

The sun was setting.

M: Thank you for being here... but I have to go. Don't wait up for me this time...

C: I know. I'll miss you.
She was choking back tears again.

I lowered the phone and motioned to the EMT. I told him "I'm ready."

He started the process of moving the car that was simultaneously crushing me and keeping me alive, motioning to the trackhoe operator. I put the phone back to my ear. When the move finally did come, it was all at once.

It felt like peeing after holding it for a long time, but from my whole middle of my body. That was when my blood pressure was still high, and blood was draining rapidly.

I whispered to her, "Thank you."

My vision was getting darker quickly. The next events happened over a few seconds.

I felt a tingling sensation at my fingertips, and at my waist. it extended up my body from my extremities to my chest and head. It grew stronger in the places it existed, a split second after it appeared. As it spread, it replaced all sensation I felt. In my ears, it materialized as a ringing. My vision was black by then. I could see nothing. I could feel nothing. The ringing drowned out all sound. There was nothing to taste, and nothing to smell.

Then the tingling and ringing was replaced all at once with a deafening silence and an overwhelming numbness... and that was it. The dream came to a close, and I slipped back into sleep after being dead for an unknown amount of time.