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      Brutal Murder Dream and Being Chased

      So I've never had a dream like this before...and it was quite terrifying to say the least. Here's what happened and what I remember:
      I remember I was in a garage with a car that looked very expensive. The odd part was that all of the doors on the car were wide open. As I walked towards the car, I saw a light coming from the car and assumed that it was a car alarm, so I backed away. Nothing happened. Then I heard a guy behind me who said something to me along the lines of that there was nothing to worry about. He then walked up the stairs and a medium sized dog followed him.
      Next part went like this: I was in a recording studio with people that I knew: old ex-best friend, and 2 guys that I knew from high school, but never talked to. We were all there to record our voices (singing I believe) and have a good time. I remember I was the last to go and had the last door on the left and the number 6 was on it. As I waited for everyone to finish, I walked away holding a box of crackers. I wondered off, but never left the room. I could hear music playing in the background and so I went over to check on everybody. To my absolute horror, I found the studio director, and one of the guys (I knew but didn't talk to very often) brutally murdered. Their heads were decapitated and their skulls were hacked in half by an axe (at least, that's what it looked like). I dropped the box and backed away. I was terrified. I ran out of the bloodied room and then the final part of my dream takes place.
      The final part:
      I was at some sort of house in the desert that had a huge wind mill in the front yard. To my surprise my crush's girlfriend was there (I have been trying to get over this guy for a little over a year now. He doesn't really appear in any of my dreams anymore. Only occasionally and he's only in them for a small part). We were sitting there talking and I remember looking at my eyes which were blood shot. I asked her to help me put on makeup, so she began to put on concealer and powder. As she did this, I pet one of three cats that were there. After that, I climbed up the wind mill and sat up there. I then climbed down when I spotted something odd. I went to check it out...and to my horror it was the one guy in my last dream that had his head split in half (not the director). I gasped and ran out to check on my crush's girlfriend. I couldn't find her. So I began to walk next to the road and found someone hunched over. I gasped in horror as I found her...headless..with her head split in half and a young man hunched over her dead head..playing with what was left of her hacked brain. I started crying and quickly walked off so as not to be heard. Half way down the street, I heard foot steps running behind me. I started crying because I knew it was the killer coming for me next. I was right. He had a gun that was very odd looking. It was a large hand gun (bigger then any hand gun I'd ever seen) and was painted bright red and white. I hopped several fences, and found myself in other people's back yards. I then find myself being chased by another guy (the killers' accomplice) and then hid in a shed. He was trying to break in, so I kicked the back wall of the shed down to try to escape. That's when my dream ended.
      What could any of this mean? Sorry about the lengthiness to. Please help!
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