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      Two Dreams Need Help with Interpretation & Dream Signs

      Two Dreams Need Help with Interpretation & Dream Signs

      Dream 1 Sunday August 3, Early Morning

      I find myself in the rear of a Ford Windstar minivan. The rear two rows of seats have been removed. I notice a pleasing looking girl in the back of the van with me. She has dark brown hair and sheís a couple inches shorter than I. She remains nameless through out the dream. So right away Iím in to her and she me and sheís sexually aggressive. So I donít remember exactly what words, if any, are exchanged but it is decided that sheíd be my girlfriend.

      Next the dream becomes a living sitcom, like on television. I feel happy. I begin to obsess on the idea of having a girlfriend and the idea of there being a girl who's in to me. And so Iím rapped up in this obsession when itís brought to my attention that Iím neglecting the girl. I spend all my energy on the idea of the girl rather than the ďrealĒ thing. I get the sense that itís an episode of The New Girl and Iím a main character. Winston is in the dreamscape. I suppose it is the third act of the sitcom. The girl is feeling neglected and is out to break it off with me. At the same time I realize the errors of my ways and am set to make things right.

      She reenters the dream. I set out to make things right and she apparently has other ideas. I hug her and because sheís covered in some sort of yucky oily substance Iím now sticky and messy. This is some how retribution on her part.

      Next I find myself in a big field being shot at by BB gun pellets. There are innocent bystanders, children, who are also being shot at.

      Lastly her brother pops in to the dream. Iíve never met this character before but he runs up to me and puts some ambiguous contraband in my hands including but not limited to a blade of one sort or another and immediately police arrive and put me under arrest. I plead with the police. Theyíre convinced I assaulted the girl. I attempt to explain to them that Iím being setup by my girlfriend and her brother. They donít listen and taunt me. Iím scared. I donít want to go to jail. I catch a break and a cop says that we can take a look at the closed circuit cameras and clear everything up.

      The next moment the cops are gone. The girlfriend and her brother admit that the cops hadnít been real cops and it was a big rouse for my benefit. Obviously Iím upset. I learn my brother is part of this prank.

      I begin to chase a dream character that was somehow involved in the rouse. Heís fast and spryly and I canít get my hands on him. Iím frustrated and wake up.

      Dream 2 August 16, Early Morning

      I find myself on a highway walking not on a sidewalk but in the middle of the road. A road I recall from my hometown. Up ahead, maybe 50 yards, I see three beings. The first of the three a spaghetti monster. It appears just as one might imagine a spaghetti monster - a face, body, arms and legs are all made of spaghetti strands and meatballs and all covered in a viscous red tomato sauce. The other two beings are fuzzy and I canít recall.

      I notice the peculiarity of the moment and ask myself, ďAm I dreaming?Ē I raise my palms and stare deeply. I notice a shimmering, imperfect, almost psychedelic quality. Iím dreaming. Iím excited and remember as I was told, to calm myself as to not wake myself.

      Standing just beside me is a young woman. Before my eyes she transforms into Brooke. My heart wells but I remind myself she is simply a projection. I ask her, ďWhat does the spaghetti monster represent?Ē Rather than answer she runs off down the street in the opposite direction. Quickly I run her down only to find sheís no longer Brook but a man of the same stature. Iím disappointed.

      I continue walking down an adjacent street until I see a beach volley ball game that catches my interest. As I approach I notice very many beautiful women and I focus my attention on just one. The most beautiful. The sun radiates downwards at a 45 degree angle and I can feel the warmth and the light blinds me. The dream begins to fade ever so slightly. Now I am in a home and I smell the scent of cigarette smoke. Itís overwhelming. If Iím going to stay asleep and lucid I need fresh air so I head down a set of stairs and exit the house but even outside the scent consumes me and I wake up into a false awakening and out of lucidity.

      Thereís someone over my bed smoking. Iím upset. I yell, ďYou canít be smoking there like that. Itís not fair!Ē Iím angry and upset and wake up for real this time.

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