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      Smile What does it mean?

      So I was just going through tumblr and came across this picture of a butterfly and it suddenly reminded me of this dream I had before I woke up today.

      I dream of this really beautiful golden butterfly. The golden wings of the butterfly was just breathtaking and it was just right infront of me fluttering its wings.It was the most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen in my life and it was just there infront of me in the dream.I remember how the wings of this butterfly had this sort of glowing and glistering effect to it. It was just amazingly beautiful.

      I would like to know what my dream meant. Is it a sign of some sort?

      I know we have to give some sort of a description of what's going on in our life and to be honest the only thing I can say is everything has been going smoothly in my life and things has been going well. Life's good basically and that's pretty much it.

      I would appreciate if someone interpret this for me and tell me what my dream means.


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      Good Evening RMThisMoment,

      This is a lovely dream and very simple. The golden butterfly represents a transformation you are about to experience that will bring a sense of freedom to your life. There is a measure of glory you are going to experience for a short time. Enjoy it as this time of favour is going to prepare you for the next stage of your life!

      Let me know if this resonates with you at all,


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