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      Same girl, different dreams. Help.

      For the past couple weeks, the same girl has been appearing in my dreams, a short brown haired girl with brown eyes, light pink lipstick and light blue shirt with a black skirt. As I said she's been appearing in all my dreams lately, usually within the said dream she and I are close, like we act as if we know each other for years on end, but I don't recall ever meeting this girl in person. In my dream the girl comes across as either my love interest or lover, even though I've never laid eyes on the beauty, and I would like to know like if this has any significant meaning or something. Anything is appreciated, thanks.

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      I've had almost the same thing I believe. Every dream when she was there her eyes were pale. And then I met a neighbor I had before only seen from afar and then the next dream the exact features filled in like, eye color, typical clothing, nose shape, and a few other things. So it's most likely someone you've seen from afar. I hope you've found this helpful.

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      Good Evening KingWill23,

      This dream is very insightful about your life. People are often metaphors in dreams for other things. This girl represents the gifts and qualities G-d has given you. The brown hair tells me you are someone who is particularly compassionate and humble with a a quickened maturity for your age and is often considered "wise" by others. The pink lipstick is about the love that G-d has for you. The blue shirt and eyes represents an ability you have to communicate with Him and have spiritual insights (just like this dream!). The black skirt represents that sometimes there will be a mystery in life you should just accept without understanding, and other times you will be able to access this revelatory gift of wisdom and have understanding beyond others. She comes across as a lover to represent the relationship G-d wants to have with you.

      Let me know if that resonates at all with you,


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