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      emotional ex-girlfriend giving me drugs

      I'm going to add lots of detail,which may be pointless but it may also help give an accurate meaning.

      I was in college sitting at my desk, speaking to some people- I couldn't clearly see their faces.I was laughing, and the class must've not started yet.I had my legs up on my desk. Then my ex-girlfriend and her best friend came up to me,her friend leaning over my desk but my ex standing a step away from my desk, looking scared, emotional and kind of teary whilst her friend was calm and quiet. Her friend said 'we have something you want' and showed me a needle with presumably heroin in it.I actually seemed happy and after being asked if I wanted it by the friend, I said 'sure'.I didn't feel safe taking it straight from my ex in class so I said '(her name),outside?' In a calm manor -(I would usually be nervous while speaking to her now a days-I still have mixed feelings about her).She shook her head no and I saw a tear fall down her cheek.I wake up.

      I have always considered using drugs,me being experimental and artistic, but always put it off in fear it would interfere with my work. I have never done heroin, I've never even seen it outside of movies.I have thought about using it before I die when I am in a manic/depressive mind set- I am bipolar.I am also female,I don't know if this changes anything but me and my ex always kept things quiet and only a few people knew about the relationship.When it ended I went into a bout of heavy depression-she knew.I thought some of this information could help.We were both around 16 when this happened a couple years ago. tried to find meanings about heroin or drugs in general but I can only find meanings for using or selling them.This is a really weird dream, and especially because I hardly ever remember my dreams.I would love it if you gave me a meaning or interpretation, and thank you in advance
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      Good Evening 16aleksandchan,

      Dreams are metaphorical in nature so you don't need to worry about whether it is literally about taking drugs.

      Your ex represents something from your past, and because you identify her very specifically and her friend it could relate to your past with her. The drugs represent something toxic about the past which is still affecting you today in some way. The college setting means you are about to enter a season of your life where you will learn a lot more about yourself.


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