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      I just had the most disturbing dream, what does it mean?

      Last weekend I was at a rave with my friends, had a great time. This is what I dreamt that night.

      In my dream, I was back at the rave, and there was a quick intermission because of technical problems or something like that. We decided to go out to get some fresh air and smoke a joint in the park nearby. So there we were, we had just lit up, when some belligerent person came up to us and started trying to pick a fight, saying things like "you know that stuff will make you retarded" and eventually threatened to call the police. At this point my best friend stands up to the guy, puffs a big cloud of smoke in his face and says "Listen up buddy, this is a public park, we have just as much right to be here as you do, and if you don't respect that we can't guarantee for your safety." This struck me as a very odd thing to say because he is a very peaceful person in real life. The guy was in the middle of responding "Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it" when my friend pulled a knife and rammed it in the guys chest. He must've hit the heart because the guy went down almost immediately. He then sat back down, passed the joint around and we sat there for a couple of minutes, just smoking, not speaking a single word. As we started hearing faint police sirens in the distance, my friend bends down, pulls the knife out, looks at the rest of our group with the most psychotic look in his eye, and says "I think you all know what to do", so we all scattered in different directions.
      Now this is where I woke up, or at least I thought so at the time. I immediately took my phone and texted my best friend "That was some sweet-ass shit you scored for last night, I just woke up from the weirdest dream of my life." His response made the blood freeze in my veins "It wasn't a dream dude..." I stared at my phone in disbelief for a couple of seconds, which felt like hours, then he sent me this picture. It was a selfie of him, grinning quite literally from ear to ear, with the guy's bloodied corpse in the background. The picture then started morphing, all the facial features - except for that harrowing grin - of both people disappeared slowly, their faces now just blank slates of skin, then eventually started forming again, but a bit differently. When the picture stopped changing, I realized the guy lying dead on the floor is my best friend, and the guy taking the picture is me.

      At this point I woke up, for real this time, my sheets soaked in sweat and I'm shaking uncontrollably. This was, without a doubt the most disturbing dream I've ever had in my life. It was a couple of days ago now but still, just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. I have had dreams a lot more violent than this, as well as more confusing ones, that didn't faze me at all, but something about this one resonates within me and creates a feeling of genuine terror. What do you think my subconscious might be trying to tell me with this?
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      I'm totally new to this so I hope this is something helpful. First off, I wouldn't worry too much, it's super disturbing imagery and I too would be shaken to the core, but here's my two cents.

      Is this a friend you will have when you are old and grey? Or is he a party friend that you don't really trust? Peaceful as he may be, could that be a facade? Maybe he has a darker side and your subconscious is telling you to beware, but also telling you that you need to guard yourself so you don't become the person with the knife.

      The person who tells you to not smoke pot could be a guilty conscience if you are feeling bad about using drugs (I have no problem with pot but I know raves usually have a different array of options, at least i presume, not having been to one before). Maybe your conscience is telling you to re-evaluate your friends and the choices you are making.

      Also, I could be projecting my own baggage because the more I type, the more I realize these are determinations I've made about my own circumstance.

      Scary dream for sure, thanks for posting, I feel better about some of my dark ones now...!


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