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      2 Red foxes, a fence, a mattress, an a Broom

      Im Donnie
      Age: 21
      Sex: Male
      Zodiac: Cancer

      Basically this is my first time having this dream. I was cuddling with my kinda boyfriend (we havent yet decides to be official we are more exclusive to each other as of now), before i calmly drifted into sleep.
      It begins with me lying on a mattress in an empty room with me cuddling the person next to me, however it doesnt feel right to be holding this person. Idk why but i compare it to holding your mother romantically. It just feels wrong and and unappealing. The room is dimly light from behind me its like a golden brown glow. And to the left in the far top corner is a simple brown door ajar revealing just darkness. I never look to the opposite end of the room in the dream. Theres a jump in the scene and i look behind me and there is a tall wired fence with two red foxes sitting and just observing. I attempt to wake up the person next to me, because i get this overwhelming feeling of fear. I can feel it on my chest. I prod the person more and and they move a little bit head body covered by a blanket. The frame skips again. And the fox to the left rises on its hind legs to try to climb the fence. While the other on the right looks to be pacing back and forth along the gates occasionally glancing my way. The left foxes begins to climb. And im shocked that it can do it so easily. I take the the brush end of a broom and try to push him down through the fence. The first few times i succeed but he keeps trying. And the other foxes just keeps pacing faster and faster. The fox is nearing the top of the gate and im trying with all my might to push him back down but i feel weak and exhausted and he makes it over. I drop the broom because my anxiety is kicking in. Even though the fox that just jumped the gate doesnt seem to be in the room. I began shoving the person next to me to wake up and they roll on there back and rise the cover falling from over their head onto their lap, but i cant make out who the oeraob Is what gender or anything is just a shadowy blur of browns and greys and blacks on their face. The fox then comes prodding out the darkness of the door That was left somewhat open and. I dont know if im feeling anxious or fear, but i dont feel calm. However the person next to me doesnt seem phased and the fox glances over at me. He has white fur on his jaw front paws and under his stomach and a very bush tail the tip dipped in white. His head is lifted up like its proud and we make eye contact but he continues to walk a safe distance around the bed to the right out of the line of my vision.
      I wake up on my back next to my "boyfriend" feeling relieved its 3:17 am. Im sure he woke me up because he asks "you okay babe" and tho Im feeling some crazy emotions, my voice is surprisingly even and monotone, and i tell him i was asleep,

      I will say as a side note that i adore all foxes have since i was a little boy they fascinate me in everyway. So Ive never felt such a irrational fear or anxiety until this dream.

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      Greetings Dtking,

      Because this dream contained anxiety and fear, I will focus on the metaphors and colours in their negative sense. The brown colours represent compromise and the golden/brownish colours represent defilement. A fox represents cunning men who are sly, sneaky and will steal from you. Red speaks of anger and white a false righteousness.

      It is my belief that this dream is a warning of someone in your life. They are cunning and sly, most likely will cheat on you and take from you. In this case, the fox represents this person because when they enter the room it doesn't bother the one you were next to, only you. This person will be confident, prideful and give you the impression they are holier than thou. You have opened up your life and more intimately your bed to them. However they are not to be trusted.


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