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      cheating on girlfriend

      In my dream I walk around with my friends. Then I'm really horny and I find this random slutty girl and take her to the playground or some park to do stuff. Afterthat for some reason we walk to some cave looking place with many people and I feel it's a bad idea cuz my girlfriend tends to chill there ( or I felt she might be there). Then she come from nowhere, and I realize she was there all the time. I ask her why she didn't say hey to me and she said she found a wristband "I'm gonna always do this" that is linked to me somehow. I break down crying to her and hug her until I woke up.

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      Greetings yondreams,

      This dream reveals a condition of your heart. The wristband words "I'm gonna always do this" speaks of a cycle of behaviour that might run in your family. I don't know you, but it is quite probable that there are members in your family who have cheated on their partners and it has passed down to you. You may not have done this yet, but it is a warning and a revelation of the deep desires of your heart. Be aware of this possibility and resist the temptation when it comes!


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