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      Hi!I had a really wierd dream i hope you all could interpret it thank you!

      Hi! So a couple nights ago i had a really strange dream and i dont know what to make of it. Let me start by saying Im Muslim and this dream kinda revolves around that. Im just 17 and i recently was guided to be a good muslim lol so please dont think im this old guy with a beard. thanks a lot lol

      So i was in a mosque praying and all of a sudden a lot of people come through the doors and they start partying. Loud music, dancing, drinking, smoking lol all that. So i left kind of confused and then as im walking i saw this man. I was bald and verrrrry pale he had to little buldges on the top of his head and he looked..just evil. I said in arabic "i seek refuge with Allah from the evil of the devil" and he started laughing. I started reciting a powerful chapter of the Quran and then he was gone. After that i remeber i was in a car in the parking lot and this guy and girl come out and sit with me in the car. I asked them why are you doing this? they said doing what? i asked about the party and they said they "reserved it". then after that i remeber talking to them about Islam and how beautiful it is and i dont remember after that.

      Thank you for anyone who reads this and tries to interpret it, your answeres will be greatly appricated

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      As-salamu alaykam WorldOfTruth,

      This dream is about your calling. You have been called to be "set apart" or "reserved" from the things of this world that would taint you. The evil man that left when you prayed shows the level of authority that you will grow in as you seek G-d. The two people that got into the car were Angels bringing you this message.

      For reference, I am a Christian and not a Muslim and so use Biblical methods of dream interpretation.

      Let me know if that resonates with you,


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