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      Trying to have sex with my boyfriend in my dream, but...

      I've had three dreams of the same theme recently (can't remember much about one of them), in which my boyfriend and I spend some time on foreplay but just when we're about to have sex, we get interrupted because of one reason or another.

      In one of the dreams, him and I were on a bed together and my aunt was sleeping on the far corner of the same bed. We start making out and when we're about it get to intercourse, she wakes up and we have to stop. In another dream, we are in a hotel and he's the owner of the place. We make out passionately and desperately look for a place where we can find the privacy to take it all the way, but we couldn't before the dream ended. I ask him how he can't get a room in spite of being the owner of the hotel and he says that all rooms are taken because of the holiday season.

      Any thoughts on what these dreams could indicate? I'm a 22F and my boyfriend is 24.

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      You feel as though people or situations are getting in the way of you hooking up with your boyfriend, maybe because of lack of privacy or maybe lack of opportunity I don't know. Sounds like something like that though. I used to have similar dreams about this girl that I wasn't supposed to be seeing because she was the daughter of 'family friends'. Whenever we would start moving past foreplay in the dreams, either her dad or her mom would bust in and stop us. For me the dreams were just a representation of how frustrated I felt about our relationship being interfered with. The real question that matters though is what do you think your dreams indicate?

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      Maybe your dreams are telling you that you and your boyfriend aren't ready to be having sex. At least thats what I see from it.

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      Dreams often reflect waking life anxieties. I recommend trying to "relive" the dream: replay it in your mind, but place yourself in the position of all the other characters in the dream: your boyfriend, the people who interrupt you, etc. Try to see it from their point of view. See if you gain any insights into the meaning of the dream as you do this. You may find that the dream concerns something else all together that you are worried about in your life.

      Dreams are also entirely subjective. The best person to interpret your dream is you.

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