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      "A god walks among us..."

      I had the following dream early this morning: I was sitting in my high school English class and little dirty kid, probably about 9 or 10 years old, walks in and has my teacher sing him a song. I can't remember the lyrics but it was very short. He's brown from dirt, wearing white underwear and a tattered tan shirt. She sings him the song and he smiles and begins to cry but stops abruptly. He walks over to my desk and starts acting like a spoiled child, just being a bad child. all of a sudden his mother shows up behind him and catches him in the act. She says something about catching him and he doesn't even care. It's like he had his mother fooled into thinking he was a good kid and she had never seen him act this way. His sister is there and she's a little younger but I start talking to her about stuff. Telling her that she needs to educate her self and that she's the future of the world. She needs to hold her self to a higher standard and make an example for others. if we don't change something now idiots will run the world and we will forget about our mothers and fathers before us that tried to make this world a better place. The class is whispering while I'm saying this but when they realize what I'm talking they get quiet and my teacher says "Cody god is speaking through you. That's word for word from (can't remember what excerpt from luke)." Then I tell her I don't believe in god and she looks at the class and says "a god walks among us."...I am not a Christian.
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      Greetings Codymfhurst,

      This dream is about a calling you have to speak truth into other people's lives. You may not be a Christian yet, but G-d is speaking to you and showing you one of your purposes in life. Dreams are metaphorical ways that G-d speaks to us, often about ourselves, and gives us a treasure hunt to search for so we learn more about ourselves in the process. Great dream!


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