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      Old girl recurring dreams

      This is the 3rd or 4th dream I have had involving this girl, Maranda, a girl I dated a few years ago. I havent seen her in a few years or really even thought about her that much. Once I had a dream she played the flute and later I bought one with the intention of sending it to her but never did.

      ---At a group gathering of some sort, me and some (unidentified) friends and my brothers. Maranda and her boyfriend. People started going to sleep and Keith vanished. Maranda said she was cold so I told her to stay with me in another room. We went there and were sleeping, it was comfortable but she said 2 times "it feels different" I agreed. But we were still comfortable. I looked over to the other side of the room and there were 2 babies there. I fell asleep. I woke up to a gunshot Maranda had fired. I said. Why's you do that and then the babies woke up. We wrapped them in blankets and they fell back asleep and so did we.---

      Any symbols or anythign that can be interpreted.
      neither of us have had children, if that matters.

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      Most dreams are, I firmly believe, illustrations of inner dynamics, of which we are partially conscious of, but mostly unconscious of; in other words: What's going on right now (regarding this or that, because there are a whole lot going on at any given time).

      Miranda is not a person who you have a daily relationship with, and the contents of the dream doesn't in any way suggest that it's the actual person being discussed, so one would like to draw the conclusion that Miranda in this dream is a representation of something of your inner life, like a longing for love, to take care of somebody, and being taken care of.

      The dream imagery suggests this, in my mind, because with "miranda" (as we may call her, to disconnect the symbol from the person) you are not out there having fun, or having intellectual discussions or even sex with, but you actually go to sleep with her.

      To go to sleep with somebody you feel very close with is -- if you don't mind me saying so -- rather a regressive act, to sneak up into your parents bed one early Sunday morning and just disappear in this safe, comfortable haven. The babies in the dream is a symbol of this, a reflection of what's going on, symbolically.

      (This is not defining you as a person, we all have these impulses within us, to have sex with somebody we "shouldn't" want to have sex with, to flee the difficulties in life and return to the bosom of the mother, to hurt somebody who we're really annoyed at, and so forth, and all these impulses (which we are not necessarily aware of) reflects in our dreams.)

      Our unconscious often protests against these acts of withdrawal, "it" seems to want us to go out there and meet the difficulties of life and develop as a person. So when we try to return to the great bosom often some type of reprimand follows. -- The miranda energy will not have this and wakes the dreamer with a gun shot. "Wake up", it says, "you cannot just disappear from adult life like this. Love as an adult is not passive and receiving, as in a child, but something that demands activity and giving."

      However, this impulse is not at this point in time strong enough to make any real difference, and the dreamer goes to sleep again (as the babies).

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