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      Glass Shattering

      Anyone know the general meaning of this?

      It's hard to write out the entire context of my dream, but the moment went something like this. I was pissed off at everyone in this building, and everyone else, tens if not hundreds of people, were pissed back at me. My memory was that I had basically thrown a temper tantrum. I looked up, at a giant glass window, and as I stared, a bouncing bowling ball crashed through it. I knew I was the one who threw it, out of rage. The window shattered slowly and deliberately, the dream became silent for the sound of shattering glass to fill the air. It sent a spike of regret through me - I knew that I was angry, but I knew I didn't mean to break the window, and now I had done it, in front of all these people. I knew I instantly broke my reputation with these people. They'd see me as a crazy person, throwing bowling balls through windows in public.

      That didn't really make sense, whatev.

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      The symbolism of this dream is actually represented in itself. Out of context of the entire dream, you acted on some form of negative impulse recently, and it's had consequences that have effected you.

      Glass being shattered represents something fragile, something you were trying to be careful with or preserve, was shattered, broken, disconnected, so on. Perhaps a fragile relationship you had met its final leg recently? Or you hurt someone who is already moderately sensitive. Perhaps something was damaged that you or someone holds dear.

      When you have dreams with the world turned against you, it can often represent loneliness, feeling of betrayal, feeling like you're trying so hard for something but with no support.

      Bowling Balls are symbolic in the form of game they're used to play. When a strike is made, excitement and a flow of emotion runs through us. When only a few pins are knocked down, the feeling is average, whatever, like it's simply normal to hit a few pins. When no pins are hit and we gutter the ball, disapointment runs through us. Sometimes we also get on to ourselves for a mistake we made. The bowling ball shattering an entire form of glass represents that strike, or flow of intense emotion. Aggressive use of a bowling ball can also be a symbol of stress.

      Regret, you fell regret of coarse.

      What I'm picking up here is that, you may have recently been in a relationship (friendship or companionship with a partner) who you deemed a bit sensitive or was sensitive emotionally, perhaps they were going through a rough time. Maybe this person is you though. Well, as much as you tried to hold things together, the glass wall or bond ended up shattering and now a split has been made between you and multiple people.

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