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      An entity (possibly demonic?) told me to remember a sequence of numbers.

      I sat there in a chair, in a living room that was un-familiar to me but had the feeling of my grand mother and grand father's home before they past away. It is dark outside, but the exact time is stray of my mind, just knowing that it is obviously night time. I get up out of thirst and move to the kitchen, once again not familiar but has some of the same appearances as grandma and grandpa's old kitchen. I suddenly freeze in the middle of the kitchen and just stare towards the end, as it is a narrow hallway like kitchen. The room around me turns dark but with a hazey blue glow around in. Suddenly a whispering sound, much like that of Harry Potter's voice when he's speaking to snakes, "I want you, to remember these numbers." My pov of view suddenly changes and I see a piece of fabric draped from the roof. A skinny, boney, and wrinkly hand, but no bones showing, wraps around the drape. I suddenly return to standing in the middle of the kitchen and the voice continues. "5, 0, 3, 7, 6." I run to a bedroom where my father and step-mother are sleeping, where there's two beds in the bedroom, and ask if I could sleep in the other bed there tonight. They agree, I lie down, and all turns dark.

      I woke up there, about 3 in the morning, and wrote down the numbers that were said to me. I don't remember what numbers the voice had said now, but my piece of paper from 3 in the morning has 5 0 3 7 6 written down.


      As a side note, when I was much younger and my grandmother and grandfather had passed away, I would never go to their house alone, ever, or at night, I was very reluctant to go to the house with even a group of people at night because I had this fear of the dark and the idea of spirits when I was younger.
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      That's an amazing story, really, but before we talk about the dream, I'm curious about why you would "go to their house" with "a group of people" after the grandparents "had passed away", especially "at night"?

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