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      Goat man stalking sister and I

      Hey guys! I so rarely remember my dreams but this one is really bothering me this morning. It was so vivid and real feeling
      In my dream, my sister and I are neighbors. In reality she lives 9hours from me. She is about to start chemo for melanoma treatment next week. I imagine that may have some meaning in this?
      Here goes!
      I was in my actual house and heard a goat. I looked out my patio door and I can see it's head above the privacy fence. I opened the door and made some goat noises to him. He came into my yard and eventually into my house. I remember feeling perplexed by his presence but I love animals so I was happy to have the surprise visit. I shooed him out of the house quickly though, shut the door and went about my business. He wandered off. The next day, I hear the noises again and opened my blinds. There's the goat again but this time he's half human half goat. He's talking to me but it's incoherent and aggressive feeling. He pressed his face against the glass as if he wanted to come in. The next day the same thing except he was more human. Not anyone I recognize at all. My sister comes to the same back patio door hours later and asks me if anything weird has happened here. I knew that she knew by the look. I rushed her inside and we sat to talk about it. She was telling me the exact same thing happened at her house. She was very scared and worried. Just then we see him outside. Now he's completely human but wearing a furry goat head on his head. We still can't understand him. The things he is saying feel like he wants us to go with him. The next thing I know, he has my sisters dog and he pulls out a hammer and beats it. I screamed to my mom to call the police. (My mom also doesn't live near either of us and wasn't in the dream until now. My 3 children were also not present) He came up to the glass and started to swing his hammer to break it and then I woke up.

      What the actual heck!!? Someone help!!

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      That is... a little bit disturbing. It really depends on your beliefs with dream interpretation. I feel like some might say it is the devil or something, but I don't believe in demons, the devil, or malicious spirits. I would say it is your subconscious embodied, maybe representing your concern/fear for your sister?
      Birds of the night..

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