I just had a very disturbing dream and I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on it.

I have forgotten most of it, but I remember searching for some sort of file or disc in an office. The people in the office did not want me to find the file and had hidden it. Although I somehow knew that they had done a shoddy job of hiding it, I knew I would find it under a desk or behind a sofa rather than somewhere really secure.

However at this point, my cat walked in. In real life my cat occasionally brings in mice (although he doesn't kill them, I have to catch and throw them out). Anyway, back to the dream, my cat walks in, holding something in his mouth, as he would do with a mouse. However it is not a mouse, but another cat which he has caught and killed.

That's where my dream ended, but it was incredibly disturbing, seeing the dead cat and my own cat carrying it by the neck. I have no idea what this means.