I am 34 years old. Male. Married and have a 2-years old son.

One day, I was mentioning to my mom that I have donated some money to help a poor student's college education and paid his fees. That night I got a dream and I can only recollect what could perhaps be the last bit of a dream that I believe was a bit long.

I found myself in one of the schools where I studied for 4 years. Though I realized I was an adult, am standing among the students of 6th or 7th grade and was marching happily to the prayer assembly that used to take place every morning. The school used to play a song while the students were marching and I vividly remember the lyrics and sung the lines cheerfully. I always wonder whether it is a song made just for this type of march.

Then once the march stopped, someone tapped my shoulders and I then found a brown coloured underware on my shoulders. I recognized it was mine but someone from behind came forward and argued that it was his and threw it on the ground in front of my eyes. I tried to reason with him that it was mine but with no success. In frustration, I spit 2 times looking at him to insult him and his adamant non-acceptance of the fact that the underware was mine. Actually, brown is the colour I like the most along with sky blue and most of my trousers or shirts will be of related shades of these two colors.

Then I saw my headmaster, an elderly gentleman with good heart but a strict disciplinarian, who I always used to and even tonthis date admire a lot. He usually makes a brief speech everyday in the assembly and in my dream too he gave a speech but I could not recollect what he spoke. With the lyrics of the song vividly running through my mind, the alarm rang and I woke up.

Any thoughts?