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      Lightbulb Rihanna is bitten by one of three scorpions in the spine

      Hello all,
      I dreamt a few hours ago so I wrote it down as fast as I could.
      I usually don't pay attention to my dreams but this one left a particularly "eerie" and very unpleasant kind of disgusting feeling when I woke up.

      I was a celebrity (Rihanna) riding on a "mirror/portal" but I knew I wasn't rihanna. I was basically aware I was dreaming in a sort of way?

      There were four pictures of sceneries in a quadrant inside the "mirror/portal" I was riding it like a flying carpet. I was sitting in that japanese position with legs neatly under my butt.
      I was naked but it looked like some sort of projector had scenery "movies" with my body as the white screen

      The four quadrants were a forest(the second place visited), a desert(where I landed), the blue skies (from which I started), and something else like night sky under my right leg.
      I visited by myself these completely desolated places and it was going so fast that it scared me.
      I clearly remember thinking when I was at the highest "Wow, is this what Rihanna feels like?" (Her song: only girl in the world comes to mind). Sometimes we got very low in the course so I scrapped my knees.

      A voice that came from nowhere told me to strike a pose because it was really boring to "film" basically.
      So I did and I fell because it was moving too fast.

      I landed in the desert. There were three scorpions. It was sunset. Two were in front of me ignoring me but trying to kill each other. One of them came towards me because I didn't see it creep from the back. I tried to avoid it but it stung me in the middle of the spine in my back.
      I didn't really feel pain but it felt very unpleasant and eerie.

      Now for the creepy part!
      I actually did have something that felt like a painful insect bite in the middle of my back when I woke up.

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      Anyone please? Just the scorpion part. It's really the part that disturbs me the most.

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