I have had this dream twice now. I was lying in bed (thought I was awake, actually) and decided I was hungry, so I went to my pantry. Inside, I found a potato chip bag. It was stapled to a piece of wood and had a strange color on part of it. I grabbed it and turned it over, and I don't quite remember what it said, but it made me really, really uneasy. I got so scared that I ran to my dog's bed in the living room, but he was gone. The only thing left of him was this weird sharp object with a shiny piece at the end. It was attached to a blue piece of paper with a photo of my dog on it. The photo had a word written on it, I don't quite remember what the word was, but it made me really, really uneasy, and it was an aggressive word. By this point I was very scared, and my dream was becoming a nightmare, so I ran back to my bed to hide under the covers. When I got under the covers, there was a super weird thing under there. It was roundish and looked soft. It was brightly colored and had a piece of meat on it! There was this piece of fabric taped to it with a photo on it, and I donít quite remember what the photo was of, but it made me feel very comfortable. I was so comfortable that I woke up (weird, right?). Please interpret this and tell me the symbolism of these objects.