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      Small Little Girl Being Crazy, and horrifying!

      Last night I dreamt that a small child was murdering people. A mother was trying stop the child, but the child did not want to. the dream wasn't clear as much, but it was mostly dark. All I know is I was getting scared. I then saw the child holding a baby by the leg , and in the child other hand was a butcher knife. Afterwards, there was a grown male adult that could be the child's father. The father told the child " you would hurt me... my child... I'm your father. Don't hurt the baby" the child was angry, and swung the butcher to the baby, but suddenly the father put his leg in front of the baby so the baby wouldn't get hurt. When the small child saw her dad leg she began to look horrified, and scared. The leg looked like it was half way off. Everything went black, and I found later on it was a little girl. When it was all black I started hearing the little girl laughing, and crying at the same time. I appeared around my apartment and I the little girl trying stab someone else in the eye, but couldn't. Don't know Why but she wanted to do it, and she was fustrated. Later on I ended up speaking to mom " mom? We need move out of here." And mom said '"I know... I know... " that little girl appeared again and she was wear a white dress and she was bear footed and has long straight hair. And she was white. Not pale dead white. She was looking at me, and still had that baby to. The baby wasn't even a real baby it was a toy. Sh looked at the toy then at me and started smiling... then started showing her teeth at me, and laughing then started crying, and as soon everything went black she screamed.

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      I believe the dream was God the Father telling you not to hurt him, that you were the little girl that you were when you were a child, the part of you that is still a child, did something bad happen to you in your childhood, that would make the child you be angry and out of control? I think that God might want you to talk to him and put down your sins (the butcher knife is a metaphor for your sins) and repent and read the bible and believe in Jesus and meditate on the bible. I could be wrong though, just my interpretation.

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