I remember that that dream specifically began before the point I will start describing from. I am from Tel Aviv, Israel.
I am bisexual in my walking life. I am 17 years old- my parents know about it, and so do my girlfriend, my grandpa, one of my aunts, 3 of my cousins and several friends of mine- a long time ago, one of my "friends" spread the rumor that I am gay (what I originally told him) and then lied to me about the way he told me (he told me he shared it with a very distant friend of mine who told that to his classmate who was once my classmate but he actually told this person directly) and now many people know about it without talking about it with me or without me knowing about who knows. I once made it accidently public by joining LGBT groups on FB. My sister also knows about it and did not qant to discuss this. My teacher was told about it by my former teacher and I discussed my coming out with her.
This issue is always on my mind.
In my dream, I texted one of my classmates (that one of the friends who know about my sexual orientation once checked her ass out) in Imessage a text that contained the information that I am gay with a succeeding correction that I am bisexual ( me and her aren't friends in my walking life) and the message was accidently sent to my entire class. I felt a mixture of guilt, an invasion of privacy and felt like I'm being discussed and judged by my friends. I felt very uneasy. I talked about it with someone, maybe that friend and then I went somewhere else to use public transportation in order to avoid talking to any of my classmates. I then asked for dirctions but the people around me didn't want to help me and I could tell that I bothered them. Eventually someone helped me. I went on the bus- the other passengers weren't entirely local- some of them were indians and residents of poor neighboorhoods. I took 2 busses. One was floating in the air, had a metal floor with holes and the same screen that shows the stations in the walking life busses I use. The second was an orange- white bus with wheels and seats. I was very confused as of how I should use the busses and I had issues transfering between the busses (in the day dter the night when I had this dreams I was supposed to take my girlfriend out using many busses and had to plan everything carefully). The busses went near ehat looked like the sea of galilee (a lake on Israel) and near buildings that reminded me the buildings bear hotels I saw in Aqaba.
Then I rember doing other things, maybe working for someone or fighting with my classmates. The last thing I rember is fighting with one of my classmates- he said I knew this text would spread and I shouldn't have done it this way. I tried to explain that it was by mistake, that I only wanted to tell that specific girl, and I felt strong regret , uncomfort and unease. He still wasn't convinced (he didn't know before the text). We were in a weird shaped room with non straight white walls.

What does this dream mean? What can I learn from it? What am I trying to tell myself?