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    Thread: I was sleeping in my ex-lover's bed at his parent's house while he was not there- what does it mean?

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      I was sleeping in my ex-lover's bed at his parent's house while he was not there- what does it mean?

      I've known my ex lover for about 5 years now... he's been in/out of my life since day one. We were madly attracted to each other and had a passionate romance... he is 5 years younger and was never ready to commit and I never asked him to. He has been working in another country for 4 years. But I am very close to him still. We speak once a month. But it isn't as intense as when we meet physically.*

      So here is the dream:

      I went to his parent's house (i've met his parents before) and I slept on his bed while he was absent; he was still overseas where he currently lives and works.

      So I wrote him the following message :"I will keep your bed warm until you come back".

      He didn't write anything back to me. And somehow I wasn't worried. I was confident. I thought that him not responding simply meant that he gave me his "blessings" and that I could perfectly sleep in his bed until he came back.

      It felt as if I was expecting him to come back and he would have been perfectly fine with me waiting for him so intimately in the same house where his parents are living.

      that was a very very weird dream.
      Just to clarify, I use to like him a lot. I was almost obsessed with him but I never told him anything about my feelings and I probably never will. I tend to act detached and vacant emotionally when I'm around him.

      So what does it mean to dream that I was sleeping in my ex-lovers bed in his family house?

      Thank you very much for your help.

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      I feel like it might mean you are missing that person a lot, and that you may have a big desire to get back with him again, to be closer and more emotionally intimate, for him to want you as much as you want him. probably the reason you dreamed of his parents and being in his bed in their home, as meeting and being closer to a significant other's parents is a popular sign of mutual feelings, admiration, or love from their side, you want that.

      Just my theory, hope it helps
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