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    Thread: I was dead at my own wedding?

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      I was dead at my own wedding?

      Okay, here it is.

      I was at a wedding, and there were people all around me, but I couldn't see their faces.
      I just got back from a friendís wedding the night before, and the place where the reception was held was very similar to where my dream was.
      I remember being so happy, and excited. (At that point I gathered it was my own wedding) I looked down at myself, and saw I was wearing a wedding dress. All of a sudden, I noticed something in the middle of the courtyard, so I went to see what it was. When I approached it, I saw that it was a white coffin with a glass cover over it, and I was inside wearing the exact same wedding dress. At that point, I was panicked to say the least, but especially because no one seemed to know I was there. I saw another coffin near my own, so I went over to it and saw that a man in a tuxedo was inside. I cried and I cried because he was the groom. Someone put their arm around me, and I knew it was the groom. He tried to gently pull me away from his coffin, but I wouldnít go with him, and I ended up on my knees, hugging his coffin, and crying. I canít remember his face, or anything about his physical appearance other than the tux. I woke up after I started sobbing over his coffin. This is the first time that a dream has caused me to wake up in the middle of the night.

      So, yeah.

      Iím not engaged to be married, nor am I in a serious relationship.
      I can see why I would be dreaming about a wedding, but Iím not quite sure about the rest. Any ideas about what you think it means would be awesome

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      Maybe seeing yourself as behind glass and dead is more metaphorical for seeing your current situation and not even having a boyfriend etc as a dead end. Meaning you don't need to worry about it now.
      Just a thought.

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      It sounds like a fear or scared dream to me. Like something to taunt you rather than something with a meaning. May I ask you a personal question - are you relatively insecure when it comes down to relationships (I certainly am )? IE - do you feel bad you're not in one and really wish you were? Perhaps you are worrying in your sleep, that when it's your turn to be married - it'll be far too late... you'll be dead and so will he. You'll have no chance of ever getting to grow what your heart desires... I'm sorry you had that dream but can I encourage you to 'flip the dream', IE - recognise that it was a negative projection of the soul and rather focus on the direct opposite. In this circumstance it would be overcoming worry and insecurity you're not going to have what your heart desires and coming into anticipation of good - that a marriage awaits you in your future!

      If you wanna talk about it further please PM me
      Much love!

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