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      Dream about a dead friend

      Hi everyone. I am new to here and I apologize if it is the wrong section.
      But I had this dream the other night. I will try to explain as much as I can and a little back story:
      Four months ago my best and only friend committed suicide, he didn't leave a note or anything. I saw him two days before that, he was at my place, drinking and was very depressed over a bad breakup with his SO. He wanted to spend the night on my couch but I advised him to go home and that I would be there if he needed me. He left and that was the last I saw him or spoke to him. And there hasn't been a day since that, that I don't blame myself.
      I have only seen a dream about him once and it disturbs me a lot, so here goes the dream: I remember I was at a funeral, there were some coffins, but I only remember two, one where this friend of mine was and in another was my Mom (who is alive actually). So I went to see each coffin and I remember asking for forgivness from both of them. I only remember seeing them laying there dead.

      I didn't go to my friend's funeral and never saw his dead body.
      I really hope that You can decipher this dream and what it might mean.
      Thanks a lot

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      It sounds like you're trying to cope with the death and get some sort of closure. Ask yourself what you need to apologize for since you were asking for forgiveness. It will probably give you insight into your own grieving process.

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