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      I fell in love with a criminal in my dream

      I have been having extremely vivid and strange dreams for a couple weeks now. Usually I can google something about it and somewhat do my own interpretation, but last night I just couldn't make sense of it.

      The dream starts with me getting ready to go to a party with my mom. From what I can remember, I know we knew of some big situation that had just happened involving criminals, but I barely remember. All of a sudden, my dad was missing (he is very sick so we always have an eye on him in real life). I took my moms old van that she used to have, my dog, and went driving around looking for him. I ended up passing the party we were supposed to go to and apologizing to all of these different people from my past that I had never made amends with from my real life. I drove away and we ended up finding my dad, but I'm not sure where. Instead, I ended up finding a dog. A dachshund to be exact and my own dog is a dachshund too. I've had many dreams involving those dogs lately (could be because I absolutely adore them but I've never had this many dreams about them). I somehow discovered the scene of a crime that my mother and I had heard about at the beginning of the story. I still can't remember what the actual crime was, but I found out who committed the crime. I told the police, but between the time I had told the police to the actual arrest, I fell in love with one of the criminals. I remember feeling confused because he had actually been the one I most despised, but I ended up falling in complete love with him. Right before he was taken, I was face to face with him, holding his face, crying, kissing him, and us telling eachother how much we loved one another. In my dream I know I ended up moving on, but this time to a female. I've never been with a woman, but I'm the type of person that wouldn't be opposed to it. If you love someone, you love someone, I've just never been with a woman. I do remember that she was beautiful and a thicker girl. I've always thought taller, full figured, tan girls were so gorgeous. But that was a quick part of the dream. The last part was my family and I driving somewhere. It was my mom, my brother, my sister, and I. I'm not sure where my dad was. My dachshund jumped out of the window while we were driving (he doesn't do things like this), so we pulled over quickly. I was standing in front of my moms car when she scooped up my dog, but as soon as she stood up, a van came over the hill. The van hit her, which threw her and my dog onto me onto the good of her car. My dog wasn't harmed, but my mom was injured (not terribly). But then I looked to my right and saw that my brothers body was absolutely mangled. His head severed, eyeball out, torso ripped apart. My mom went to look over, I started to cry, took her head and just said "don't look mom." She didn't and I'm unsure of the condition of my sister. The dream ends with my brother walking in the room, he is all stitched up, head somehow back on his body, both eyes, and walking.

      As far as emotions... When my father was missing, I almost felt agitated. I felt scared and sad, but almost angry at him.
      When I was saying sorry to people that I hadn't yet made amends with, I felt relieved and happy.
      When I fell in love with the criminal, I felt so completely whole, happy, content, self confident, amorous, and actually horny (for him).
      When I moved onto the woman, I felt confused, but also content and a little wild.
      When we got into the accident, I can't even describe how I felt. I remember tearing up, but knowing that I had to shield my mom from seeing my brother in the condition he was in. It's and indescribable feeling to see your brother dead and your mom so horribly injured.
      When I saw my brother was okay, I felt relieved to say the least, confused, happy, sad, I can't find the word.

      I've never had a dream affect me the way that this one did.

      I am longing to find the criminal that I fell in love with. I don't know if he is real, but I know I love him.

      I don't know what information will help, but a little backround. I'm 22, my favorite thing in the whole world is my dog frank (dachshund), my dad has been sick for a while and we all have to help care for him, I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years off and on, I've had severe depression since I was 13 and just recently was hospitalized for it, my mom and I have become very close in the last two months.

      Please help.


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      I think you might be verry troubled by the condition of your father. maybe you are realising that life is fragile and you are affraid to loose everyone you love.
      for the part where you are falling in love, maybe you are affraid that your boyfriend will leave you or to loose him too.
      you fell in love with people you didn'T know or weren't emotionally avalible at all. maybe are you trying to take a grip of all the bits and peices you can to forget your pain of seeing your father so sick ?

      it's normal to have weird dreams in a time like that i hope your life gets better soon
      cheer up, it all gets better with time
      - karine

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