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    Thread: Very scary lots of symbols help

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      Very scary lots of symbols help

      Im writing this within an hour of me waking from this dream, so it is all still very clear, it was positively horrid.
      I dreamt that I was being raped, but it wasn't just that, it was the whole dream.
      I was in a house, and it was entirely dark, I was dressed like a childs doll, with ringlets, and pink cheeks, white socks and a pink dress. The walls of the house were white, but they looked faded and the wall paper peeled.
      I had a little light in my hand, and I clung to it, it wasn't a torch, or a phone, just some strange source of light sitting in my hand.
      I used it to creep to the top of the stairs. It lit up the staircase, which was winding, and a man sat at the bottom, he was rather handsome, and he beckoned me to him.
      He told me 'WE DONT HAVE LIGHT HERE' quite sternly, and took the light source from me very aggressively.
      I fell before him on my knees, and for a moment he was kind, it was still very dark, he took me in his arms and rocked me.
      But then a sobbing came, and another woman, but not dressed liked me stood there, she was pregnant.
      She was so broken and pale, I tried to get to her, but then he grew aggressive.
      The lights came on, and the room was beautiful, so pale, and so star like, mirrors everywhere.
      But the cruel man was still there with me.
      I managed to escape from his arms, when I beat his face.
      The pregnant woman screamed and screamed, and then he forced me down.
      He smiled cruelly, and said I was his little girl, he stripped me off, and forced himself upon me.

      It was such a horrid dream.
      I really feel like there are a lot of symbols in this dream, but I would like to hear your opinions.
      Thank you

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      Hello ConstantAngel, welcome to DV. I'm sorry to hear you had such a terrible dream.

      People often differ on their opinions about what dreams mean and how to interpret them. Personally, I have a more direct interpretation rather than looking for symbols. As a lucid dreamer, I have been able to observe the workings of the mind and how various dream elements can mix with our emotions to create all sorts of scenarios.

      You have to remember that during sleep our center of emotions is running full power, while our reasoning is minimal. This can lead to small details expanding into either terrifying or on the other hand super positive experiences depending on our mood and expectations. Dreams often spiral out of control, triggered by a single element. On this occasion, one can notice that the dream started in a dark unpleasant house. This already set the mood to negative, so you were expecting something dreadful to happen. Since this was a normal dream, where you had little conscious control over the workings of your subconscious mind, this developed into a full blown nightmare.

      Unfortunately, all of us are prone to negative experiences like this from time to time. My best advice would be not to dwell too much on the contents of that dream and have a strong resolve that if any situation of fear and unpleasantness should arise in the future, you will not be afraid and that you will realize you are dreaming. From then on, you will be able to manipulate the contents of your dream to a more pleasant scenario.

      Should you need any help with lucid induction methods, please let us know. Also, I had to delete your other two posts as they were cross posts of the same thing, which is against DV rules.
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      I couldn't find anything about being dressed as a doll but I think it must involve your childhood or your inner child, the most vulnerable part of you. Most of the rest of this is off of the dream dictionary, hopefully they may shed light on all the symbols:

      To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self.

      To dream that you were raped or almost raped indicates vengeful or resentful feelings toward the opposite sex. You feel that you have been violated or that you have been taken advantage of. Something or someone is jeopardizing your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Things are being forced upon you. Dreams of rape are also common for those who were actually raped in their waking life.

      To see a rape being committed in your dream denotes sexual dysfunction or uncertainty. In particular, if you witness a gang rape in your dream, then it signifies complete helplessness in a situation. You are lacking the resources or power to do the right thing. It may also mean that you or someone has been humiliated.

      To see light in your dream represents illumination, clarity, guidance, plain understanding,�and insight. Light is being shed on a once cloudy situation or problem. You have found the truth to a situation or an answer to a problem. Also consider the color of the light for additional significance.
      If the light is particularly bright, then it indicates that you need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling. Bright light dreams are sometimes common for those who are near death.
      To see soft or shadowy lighting in your dreams indicates feelings and thoughts from the primal aspects and less developed parts of your subconscious.
      To dream that you cannot turn on the light indicates a lack of insight and perspective on a situation.

      To see a man in your dream denotes the aspect of yourself that is assertive, rational, aggressive, and/or competitive. Perhaps you need to incorporate these aspects into your own character. If the man is known to you, then the dream may reflect you feelings and concerns you have about him.
      If you are a woman and dream that you are in the arms of a man, then it suggests that you are accepting and welcoming your stronger assertive personality. It may also highlight your desires to be in a relationship and your image of the ideal man.

      To dream that someone else is pregnant indicates that you are experiencing a closer connection to this person. To dream that your girlfriend or significant other is pregnant with someone else's baby implies that your significant other is moving toward a different direction than you envisioned. The two of you no longer share common goals.

      Just some guesses, hope this helps

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