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    Thread: corpse in attic

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      corpse in attic

      I'm going to leave a lot of detail out, because my dreams are fairly muddled and go on for hours, but here are some primary images from a nightmare sequence last night:

      In the first scene, Led Zeppelin is playing 'How Many More Times' in a basement room without a ceiling. I'm on the first floor leaning over a railing looking down on them. The song starts with the base line and bongo drums, which then change to regular drums. The singer talks over the baseline, introducing the band or something. Then some frantic horn/sax sounds are added, with the players inside the instruments, with their faces in the bells, as if the instruments are exoskeletons. The dream segment gets increasingly surreal, with scenes of civil war cavalry and other artistic touches.

      In a later scene, I'm go upstairs in a house and trough a door out onto the roof. There's a loft on the roof, but the external door is locked, so I go back through inside and enter it through another internal door. There's a dead body of a little girl laying face down in front of the door, facing away from the door. She's maybe 8 years old. I think to lean down and see who it is, since that would presumably be key to understanding the dream, but before I do a sharp high pitched scream comes out of my mouth, and the scream blows the body, feather-like, to the other side of the room where it lands next to a window at floor level. I wake up with my heart beating hard.

      In a later scene, I'm driving a car, maybe a 1970's sedan on a high road above a high cliff. There are various places a person could leap off the cliff, and there's one that corresponds to where I should leap if I want to solve the psychological problem that relates to the little girl. There's water below, but far enough down that a person would likely be killed on impact. I jump, and I just float/fall in the air softly, almost without a feeling of motion, and wake up.

      In the last scene, I see the girl's face, since I had missed it earlier. It is not someone I have seen before, though there are traces of people I have known.

      I'm temporarily out of time, but I'll follow up with a partial interpretation in a couple of hours. Maybe someone can understand something about the dream that I'm missing.

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      I've heard people talk about dreams about children dying, being in danger, being taken away, or something similar if they have lost a child or even just had a miscarriage.

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