Hey guys, I'd like some help interpreting this dream. It has me completely stumped.

Im with my girlfriend. We hear a breaking story come on to the news. The U.S. has sent a new high tech aircraft carrier called atlantis at Russia. It is said to have amazing anti-air capabilities. Im now above the ocean watching the aircraft carrier. It attacks Russia off their coast. It is killing a lot of their military. They nuke the atlantis and it rolls into a ball, flies really high and then explodes. Russia knows they can't match our military. Instead of a conventional attack they decide to nuke us. I see a map of the U.S. Putin decides different varieties of nukes and then touches with his finger where he wants them to land. I watch them fly across the ocean and eventually get to the U.S. I expect them to get blocked, but they all land and explode. I feel scared and frustrated.

Some time passes. Me and my girlfriend are now in Russia. I watch a guy start to choke Russia's leader near me. I'm about to go help kill him, but decide not to. Suddenly the guy stops choking him, it was one of the leader's friends and it was a trap to lure out traitors. Me and my gf are sitting with a bunch of people at this long table on the side of a mountain. At the top of the mountain is Russian leadership. The people we're sitting with know we aren't russian. Im scared that they'll discover I'm American. I convince them that I'm british which their okay with.

More time passes. Me and my girl are refugees at this point, were still in Russia. We go to some big manor. As were about to walk in, some sort of monster comes running at us from behind. Its like a mix of a cheetah and a velociraptor. It kills some people around us. I slow it down and my girlfriend runs inside. She's carrying a baby. I feel worried about her and the baby. The monster for the most part ignores me. It runs inside. My girlfriend runs into a bathroom. When i catch up and go into the bathroom, the baby is dead and bloody in the bathtub. I feel confused since im not sure who's baby it was. The monster is leaving and shelby is nowhere to be seen. I grab different things and hit the monster with them. They have no effect. I find a hair brush with a sharp end and stab the monster through the neck a few times. I wake up.

One interesting note is that the night before, I talked to my girlfriend about someday adopting a baby from a poor country. Maybe this has something to do with the dream.. Anyways, any help would be awesome! And if anyone has any questions that might help them understand more, feel free to ask. Thanks