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      I had a dream about a girl that I met in real life I am 99% sure. Anyway, the dream in detail was both of us were under bright, clean white bed covers with the sun shinning through it. We were lying on bright white bed fitted sheets I was at a 45 degree angle looking at her she was giggling with animated eyes as you see in manga cartoons,her hair was blonde curly. I rubbed her on the shoulder and she rubbed my shoulder back then I woke up.

      I had another dream about her 2 years later after seeing her nearly every day. These were in 3 sections 1st section she was walking with a white small dog who I have met in real life she was walking away from me. I think I was driving behind her on a road i seen her at an angle and it was like she was telling me her life story about her past her troubles. I heard her mumbling it was sweet and cute she was wearing a padded jacket with fur hood on I seen the back of her. Next section was she was riding a bike down a hill with speed bumps and she managed to avoid the speed bumps by dodging them again wearing a fur coat and wellies she seemed happy swinging left to right right to left on her bike tell me everything. The final section was we stopped by somewhere and she was fixing her cute wellies raising them against a bike stand.

      Can an expert offer any interpretations on this please?

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      Have you ever seen The Good Night? [ The Good Night (2007) - IMDb ] It has a similar situation in it about seeing a girl in a dream then in real life. I'm not sure if it will be of much help. The movie however gets the point across that the people in our dreams are different from their real life versions.

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