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      Question The strangest dream I've ever had

      Hey guys, I just had the strangest dream ever. I'm confused by it, so I hope that you can tell me what this means.
      We went to a village shop early in the day with my grandma and my mom in the car. We spent a lot of time there, because we helped the owner. She didn't have enough customers and asked us what to do about it. I gave her my idea, that she should have signs in the front and that she should use the enterance that's in front of the house instead of the one on the side that she was using. I don't remember if we bought anything. On our way back, we didn't use the car, but we used city public transport for some reason. While standing in the tram, my mum mentioned that I woke up way too early, even though she knows that I like to wake up early. We got home and saw, that noting was in it's place. It's almost like somebody moved into our house and moved all the furniture and brought their own. There was a dog lying in the hallway and he was sleeping right next to his poop. Somebody was having a shower. There were crates of fruit in like every room of the house. My grandma, that I went to the store with, didn't seem to be too surprised. The dream ended by me going into my room.

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      That's pretty odd, but it's nothing compared to how weird my drems can get. On time when I was little I watched a movie about a killer clown, and had a dream about him chasing me. However in the end I told him that I was Stephen King, then he picked me up and shook my hand. The funny part is that the movie was called It, and it was created by Stephen King. I also have a very active imagination, so that could be the cause.

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