I wonder whether anyone else on here has tried this:

I have started using dream interpretation techniques to better understand my waking life, and it really works for me and I am gaining a lot of benefits from it.

Here are a few examples:

One morning I found three molded things around the house: the jack-o-lantern outside the house had started to mold, a jacket my son must have put in his backback while wet had molded, and the refrigerator had something molded in it, too. I thought, "mold, what does it represent? Neglect. What have I been neglecting? My home. So after tossing the molded stuff I proceeded to scrub the kitchen." But while I was cleaning I thought "Dream interpreters would say the home represents the dreamer, so me." I did a quick self check, and that's when I realized I was feeling feverish. Now the explanation presumably was that I was coming down with this virus and had therefore been more neglectful of my home and myself, and that's why the molded things had accumulated. And because I was sick I was not thinking straight, but it was interesting that the circular thinking brought me to the right conclusion.

Then I once forgot my jacket when leaving work, and so as I returned for it, I thought "did I forget anything else that somehow protects from the cold?" And that reminded me that I keep forgetting to buy vitamin C.

Another day I had a light fixture that was hanging from the ceiling in my office, and I thought "I am about to crash." And I thought about it and sure enough I felt tired, but thought not much of it until later when I caught myself thinking "I am about to crash" and repeating it to myself subconsciously like a mantra, and it was close to the end of the day, and I was still tired. So during the commute home I made a special effort to pay even more attention than normal and I arrived home safely.

Also another time I went on a walk and for the first time saw my house from the back from a different street, different perspective. And that afternoon I thought what else should I see from a different perspective? And that made me realize that a problem / issue of mine that I thought had only one solution could be solved in a different way.

I could go on, but I assume you get the picture. Has anyone else tried that? I would heartily recommend it. I know it may sound weird but it is a very good way to pay more attention and to draw connections during waking life.