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      Crazy cross-eyed vampire cat

      Any ideas?
      Since joining this forum I have been trying to remember my dreams when I wake, mostly without success although I tend to remember fragments. Last night was a break from the usual awful nightmares I usually have even if it was somewhat nightmare-ish.
      I was in a room, sitting on a chair with my wife next to me. My cat has turned into this really fat, cross-eyed ginger cat with teeth like Alien (big sharp and dripping with venom). It was like her hair was full of static and standing out straight. I remember laughing and pointing out to my wife how funny it looked. Then the cat went for me and was biting my neck and shoulder. I was laughing hysterically at this point at how ridiculous it all was. Sadly I do not remember anything else about the dream.
      I was NOT lucid.
      **To add. I have just read this back prior to posting and see how nasty some would think this dream was. For me this is actually a pleasant dream compared to what I'm used to.

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      Well, I think it might help knowing more about you such as which issues you have, what troubles you in waking life, what kind of nightmares you usually have, all that might help in a better interpretation.

      However, overall I would not interpret this as a positive dream, even though you say that it seems like a better dream then usual, but I don't think this is good news. In fact the impression of things being better than they seem may be part of it, things appearing funny when they are actually scary. There is a madness to this dream, and I think it is a kind of warning. Sometimes things get so bad that we get a bit crazy and find the very fact of how bad things are amusing or we may have gotten used to the issues so that we almost thing that they are ok. Frankly for me this dream rings alarm bells. Your cat presumably is usually one who is dear to you and does not attack you? It is different if even in waking life you have a cat with a difficult personality. But if this is out of character for your cat than this may be a warning that something that you usually think of positively is now turning against you, a strength is no longer a strength, a part of your personality perhaps that usually was stable is in danger of not being so or maybe something that used to work well for you no longer does. The cat often represents self reliance or independence, so maybe you can no longer rely on yourself? In your dream you find this funny, but this is a dark humor, something I fear that should not be funny but should be approached seriously.

      Tell us about your issues and your nightmares. also seek help in waking life, that would be my advice. Of course, if this does not sound right to you, please disregard it. I can be quite wrong.
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