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    Thread: Can someone tell me or try to make light of this dream?

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      Can someone tell me or try to make light of this dream?

      Hello everyone I am not one to be shaking up by a dream but this dream I had last night was so symbolic and ritualistic I have to try and find out what it really means.

      The dream starts like this:

      I wake up on my bed startled by some sound so I get up and walk to my bedroom door and then I get a very cold feeling on my back so I turn around really quick and I see my self on my bed just laying there lifeless I could even see my face it was creepy. As I begin to walk over to my body I see something in the corner of my eye running so I quickly look to see and when I do I see a graveyard with a headstone with my name in graded into it. I was beyond distressed at this time I just wanted to wake up but I didn't. As I stand above my grave I hear a strangers voice say "It wasn't meant to be you" The dream then skips to me digging the grave up with this stranger. When I get to the bottom of the grave I jump in and I find a box. I was told to open it and later found out it was my heart in the box. I pleaded to the stranger to tell me what is going on the reply I got was " You know exactly what is going on " As I cried holding the box my cousin says in a calm voice "But he isn't evil" I was happy and worried at the same time to discover that my cousin was also at my grave. The dream then skips back to my room with the stranger and my cousin and me with the box. Everything went quite until a faded figure came out from the shadows and the more I looked at this figure it became less and less faded. This figure turned out to be the devil and he said "You're holding my prize" I was told by the stranger to hold the box up and let the lighting hit it and all will go back to normal. As I raise my hand he begins to run to me screaming in this strange language and as the lightning struck the box I woke up with a very strong happy feeling in my chest.

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      The parts that struck me the most: you dug your own grave, it was not meant to be you, you know exactly what is going on, and you are not evil.

      Is there something you feel guilty about, something you have regrets over? Something where you question why it happened to you (it was not meant to be you)? Something where you feel you did something wrong and it wound up hurting yourself? But on the other hand you also feel that you are not the evil one and it was not meant to be you. So your fault but not your fault. I would expect there to be an obvious answer since this dream says that you know exactly what is going on. Although that could be because this is something you have been denying the knowledge even from yourself though deep down you know.

      The heart in a box could be because you feel you acted heartless, or maybe you feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. It could also be because this is about a romantic relationship perhaps, where your heart is what is lost. Or this could be an issue with something so important that you had put your heart into it, not necessarily a relationship but something that really matters.

      The thing is that even though you realize that you dug your own grave and feel that it is your own fault or maybe your and that of another, whom you now think of as a stranger or the devil (though that devil and strangers could also be you in your own perception, as your own worst enemy), but despite that your dream solution is a lightening strike: something highly unlikely outside of your own control. So even though you think you had control over the problem developing, you don't think you have the power to fix it.

      It's a dream that is a bit hopeless, what with your own death a forgone conclusion in the beginning. It makes me think of depression: hopelessness, blaming oneself, thinking one cannot resolve it oneself, and thinking of death in a grave one dug oneself (any suicidal thoughts?). But the ending does offer hope: lightening does strike against all odds, and you raise the box yourself so you contribute (are instrumental) to fixing the issue after all. Your prize is that you have hope that things can return to normal again, and you can be happy again. Although it is not good that someone else tells you to raise the box so it is not your own initiative, so maybe not you doing it after all. The lightening strike could bring things to normal but there is also danger of it killing you, your heart incinerated. Though I don't think that's it because you woke up happy, so I think the lightening is a good sign of hope after all.

      Does any of that sound right to you? If not, please discard it, because the right interpretation will make sense to you, and keep in mind that there may be more than one right interpretation.
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      From this I take a massive cleansing dream. Cleansing stuff from within your subconscious that are meant to come out, but as the dream ending says, there is hope and there is light, I get this as a way for your subconscious to release all of this memory.

      Also, death means rebirth and digging your own grave is extremely symbolic... death and rebirth... transformation.

      Are you going through spiritual awakening, maybe?
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