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      Question I keep having nightmares about death and escape

      Hi I have had two dreams lately that I can't figure out. I think there's a little connection between them, but I have dreamt them almost two-three months apart. My latest dream is the first here, and the other is the one i dreamt some weeks ago. I hope you can help me make a little sense of them. Currently life has also been a little turbulent, i had enough with my husbands controlling and jealous behavior and i left religion behind.

      I saw three(if I remember correct)men being lynched, in front of a lot of people in a hall or a big public place, because they denied the truth of Islam, and I was next because of the same reason and that I didn't wore a headscarf. I started running away. Then I was suddenly with a lawyer in his office, who was going to help me in court, there was more people in that room, some I don't remember and I don't know and my husband. It looked like I was sure to get lynched. Then all that was over and this was like a second dream, I was running away from somebody, a man, i didn't see his face, he was nobody, he was kinda without face, nobody I know, his appearance wasn't important. But I was running, because I knew that he was going to kill me, and then he got me and I know that he wants to kill me. Then I wake up.

      Another dream I've had long time before this one is that I look for a girl in a movie theater, I don't know who this is, I just have a feeling that she might be there and she lives in a closet at the cinema. That's where she hide because everybody wants to kill her. When i get to the closet she isn't there, there's just her blanket and some bones I think. But i know she is not dead. So I step in the closet, deeper, deeper into it, and i find another city. It's a lost city, everything there's burned down, everybody there's gone or dead. She is there, there is also another person there whom I don't know. But all of us are on the same side and we are running away from somebody who now wants to find all of us. Then I'm alone in another place, somebody is after me, I am afraid. So i go in to a supermarket like all is normal. But he, nobody i know in real life, is on to me and he go and takes me in my arm, I am sure that he wants to kill me, I am really afraid and then I wake up.
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      I am thinking that since you say that you left religion behind, and in the dream you are about to be lynched for denying Islam that the reason for this dream is your mind trying to grapple with the issue that you have left religion behind. Death does not necessary represent death in dreams, it could be symbolic, for example to represent closure of an issue. Escape could be about escapism, about not confronting the issue. So my guess is that some part of your subconscious may think that you have not yet fully confronted the issue of religion and put it to rest. Also lynching is about public disapproval, an extreme form thereof, so perhaps this is about others disapproval of your decision to leave religion behind and your desire to not confront them but escape this confrontation? I could be wrong, of course. If this does not sound right, feel free to discard and look for a different interpretation.

      The lost city in the closet reminds me of the saying "to come out of the closet". I think it maybe something about yourself that you have kept a secret, have been denying, but it is a much larger part of you than you expected (a whole city in a closet), and it is scary for you. Again the running away, the escapism, but you are found out or fear of being found out. Again could be wrong of course.
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      Hi Norah ,as.u may have heard life is a cinema ,and we all have been given a role some can acts and those are the tough ones and the rest will be the supporting actors in real life put in different categories .the good. The evil .but as for tough ones there roles is to manipulate us all .so god help us.the way I see u dream is that u are not sure about leaving ur religion,being lynched in public means u know that in Islam that is what u get or even worse maybe killed,I'm not sure if u know people who are not Moslems anymore so u are all in the same boat or the closet and the burned down city is like hell ,so u are still mixed up and u are feeling guilty ,u have a role to play in life ,so don't run away face ur problems and decision like this can make u unhappy so be cool talk with ur husband ,or a friend and I'm sure u will sort it out ,oh and the girl u where looking for is yourself ,be a good person and you will hopefully find her .ihope I helped .dont forget life is a cinema ,and we are just guest on Earth .

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