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      dream with alot of blood

      I had a dream first I remember being jus outside a car but behind the door then there was a guy (native American)that went crazy wen he seen a pic I had of the holy death (grim reaper) he was attacking me or my fam so I stabbed him many times but he was possessed and jus unstoppable so I'm pretty sure I cut his jugular to bleed out but he wouldn't die next thing I'm cutting my dogs jugular so she will bleed out too cus she was possessed but she would jus heal so we try filming it but couldn't then my cats were going crazy seeing the grim reaper pic then it was like I wasn't dreaming and went to the living room and my mom was asleep on the couch with a dog for some reason I went to my room and made the other dog (the one that was I'm the other dream that I cut her jugular) stay in my room I never let the dogs in my room that part felt so real like I was awake. Wat could this mean the picture and blood is Wat stood out in the dream the blood especially I felt scared wen woke up scared of the future not the dream. Ps the dream had a very haunted possesed feeling to it

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      Blood and death in dreams do not necessarily mean blood and death. Death has a certain finality to it, a sense of ending. The fact that everyone and everything in your dream goes crazy when seeing the death picture, that makes me think that it is really you who is going crazy about it. Is there something that has ended or is ending or some resolution that you are not willing to accept? The blood could be about emotional draining experience, anger, extreme disappointment, fury and rage. The sense of posession could be about a sense of not being in control of your emotions. Of course, this is just one possible interpretation and could be wrong. Also the dream interpretation may be different depending on what is going on in your life and what is on your mind. If I had such a dream I would look for what it is that is troubling me. And if there was nothing like that, this kind of dream could also be triggered by if I saw the movie the Exorcist for example. Or alternatively instead of being about emotions this dream could be also spiritual if you are having a spiritual crisis or trying to understand your approach to the problem of evil for example.
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