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      please help me understand my dream.

      I am a twenty four year old female.
      Joe is recent ex boyfriend. Malachi is my dog.
      I felt very angry, and confused.
      It left me feeling sightly depressed for a few hours after waking.

      Joe, myself, some guy that I guess was an ex and Malachi went to a pub. I laid my head down and fell asleep and Joe and this guy disappeared. I went outside looking, and ran into my sister Felecia. I called Joe, (my dad in the background working overheard and was upset at how Joe was acting) Joe acted like they never left the pub. I went back and they were at the table. I tied Malachis chain to the table and ran outside. Next to the black truck, that they disappeared in, was a women. She was either dead or knocked out. Completely naked from the waist down. I ran back inside and screamed at this guy. First I said 'that was my sister!' Then it turned into 'that could have been my sister!'

      Thank you to anyone that can help.

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      Ok, the fact that Joe in the dream disappears and in waking reality is a recent ex makes sense: recent ex translates to disappears.

      It seems to me like you probably have some very strong negative feelings and grievances still about Joe. Did he cheat on you? Or did you have issues such as you thinking maybe that he is only interested in sex but otherwise has no use for a woman such as yourself? That is what the knocked out or dead woman who is undressed from the waste down could mean. Or it could be more abstract that you feel that he did not appreciate what you had to offer and cheapened it and then discarded it.

      The reference to this could have been your sister still eludes me. If I come up with something else later I will let you know additional ideas, or hopefully someone else will.

      Edit: just thought of something: if your siter is younger than you and less experienced, this could be about loss of innocence, your accusing your ex of depriving you of a certain innocence that you now do not have after this experience with him, perhaps.

      Oh and the way the dream portrays the woman may be about lack of respect
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