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    Thread: A couple of strange ones

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      A couple of strange ones

      Obviously dreams are something which have always been under discussion that what is the logic behind them and lately i had these 2 strange ones.

      In the 1st one i was having a scuffle with a car mechanic who dropped my vehicle at my place with unfinished job and i then I also saw my wife's car. That was also treated in the same way. My neighbor came in the meanwhile and was also supporting me verbally.

      In the second one, i saw my cousins daughter (who is half my age), taking interest in me after seeing me naked and i was surprised even in my dream cause I have never took interest in her or looked at her for lust purpose in even actual life, but I was glad in my dream to have a chance to explore her. And then I woke up and was fully aroused.

      Can any one interpret them please as I failed to understand both of these dreams.
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      Your reply has a very deep message. I know spiritually one can gain peace of mind but where should I begin from ?
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