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      Dreaming about murdering people

      If you can, please interpret my dream:

      I killed two men in one dream, both were complete strangers. The first man I murdered, I believe I stabbed him with a knife, the first kill is a blur to my memory. However, I remember I was extremely angry and outraged before I killed him. I felt this dark and evil anger deep inside me during that dream, and eventually I killed the guy. The second guy I killed, I just shot him for fun on the arm with a crossbow type of weapon. Then, I called the cops and told them that I killed a man and wounded the other.

      So, what do you think my dream is about?

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      Something unresolved from the day before.

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      Did you perhaps feel angry with anyone before you had this dream? Or if not with someone about something?

      Or since the second murder is about fun, violence as fun, any video game or violent movie perhaps?

      Alternatively, maybe it is about stress: needing to relieve the tension that has built up.

      The first murder is with a knife that's very up close and personal, and while the second is more distant but the crossbow there is the relieving tension element and also it is very physical, requiring effort. Not sure whether that rings any bell for you. Maybe something that requires personal effort, personal investment.

      Oh and calling the cops could be about guilt. You know you did something wrong maybe. Or it could be that some in restraint part of you is breaking rules, and then trying to appeal to your in charge part (what Freud would call your super ego), calling the internal "cops" to report yourself to yourself for breaking rules, unrestrained, having fun where you should not be.

      Or I could be wrong about all that, of course, just brainstorming here.
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