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      Exclamation Mass animal death (trigger warning)

      In October I let my 4-year old Boston Terrier named Buster out and turned around for one minute to carry some food out to guests at my house, went out on the porch and he was gone. An hour and a half later the police came to my house and said he was found deceased, a car had hit him after a mother, daughter and officer had tried to lure my dog away from the road, and rather than stop the driver the police immediately checked on the welfare of the dog (not blaming him for that). I had to carry his bloodied body...his face oozing with blood with his lifeless eyes starring at me, and with his bowels starting to empty, out to a grave that I had to unearth that night. My parents were out of town so they couldn't see him, and my little brother as well. The dog was (literally) my only friend, and I still tear up when I think of the loss. I feel guilty for being as down about a dead dog when there is so much more suffering out in this world, but I can't help it.

      Anyway, the dream.

      I was at the college I go to and was asked by someone to run up to a room to fetch three pieces of pizza. I kept running upstairs and ran back down to the person only to realize I had left some piece of pizza behind.

      Further on in the dream, I am driving to what appeared to be a Wal-Mart. I turn down a lane to go park my car and, near where the carts are kept, I see the bodies of seven to eight dogs, all pitbulls, with their intestines, eyeballs and so on scattered about, one with their rib exposed. One or two of them are still alive but are severely mangled, panting and crying. It was such a lucid dream that I was standing there powerless, in a state of shock and horrific disbelief at the gore and guts that surrounded me. In that dream I had a chewed up piece of pizza in my mouth - I spit it out to lure one of the injured dogs over to me, but I didn't know what to do to save them.

      I am now at work (I'm interning) and am shaking, can't eat, can't stop thinking about it, and am visualizing my dead pup. I am so upset. I don't know what to do. I have never experienced a dream as emotionally exhausting as this.

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      I would think that this dream at least in part was triggered by your memory of your dead pup and your grief over your friend.

      Also is there any chance that you could be depressed? When I was depressed, I would dream of death. Or could be triggered by extreme stress. Anyway a strong negative emotional reaction.
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      Hi,when I was fifteen I had a dog that I loved so much , one day he ran out of the house following my little brother five to ten minutes later he came back in to the house his body all bloodied and right in to my arms I was in shock we kept holding in to each other for I don't know how long and it felt like he was crying with me anticipating the separation intill my father took him out of my arms and told me that he was dead ,I never forgave myself and I never tried to have a dog after that .and even if I see one I never stop to caress it or have a second look the emotion and the guilt are so vivid and like u said so exhausting.back to ur dreams I think it means like when it happened with ur dog u couldn't have helped its a way of showing u that fate is stronger and even with seven of them u couldn't save one ,because it is fate and as long as there is careless people accidents will happen over and over again ,don't be like me have another dog and take good care of him .wish u happiness and success in ur life .

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