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    Thread: I'm not sure what my dream is trying to tell me about my life

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      I'm not sure what my dream is trying to tell me about my life

      Hi all, first time using this forum... I have been doing some dream interpretation of my own for awhile. I had this 2 dreams which happened over 2 nights and I am stumped on how to interpret them. As they seemed linked so I just post both of them and see how it goes. Would love to see someone help me on this. Thanks in advance!

      Dream 1:

      I was holding my black sling-bag for skates and walked out from a room (I am a skater in real life, having skated since my polytechnic days. And, I do have that bag and skates). I then met a friend. Let's call him Dan. He was my friend from Secondary school and he was asking about a girl, X, and why are we not talking as much. (In real life I do have feelings for this girl, X, and she currently is my course-mate in my University. If you need to know more about this, basically it's in my opinion, one-sided. There was a rumor going on about me being interested in her for awhile, so I can assume she knows my feelings for her, but I didn't tell her outright. We're just course-mates/acquaintances for now. And, no, they have not met in real life) In response to his questions, I simply shooked my head and smiled before walking off.

      It took me awhile to notice, but I realized that the location of the dream seems like my secondary school but there are a few differences. For one, the canteen layout is very different compared to real-life. Here, there is a separation of halal on the left and non-halal food on the right. However, true to real life, the canteen is on the left side of the parade square. On the parade square, there was some sort of rehearsal going on. I have no idea what is it about. I saw mostly yellow as I passed the crowd to go to the canteen. I also remembered that it was night time and in the dream I had a feeling that the girl, X, is in the crowd, but I chose not to find out where she really is. I left the canteen after taking a walk around the stores and left the canteen.

      I then walked along a path which leads towards the stairs to my Co-curricular Activity room. I was thinking of heading to the room as quickly as possible for my Robotics Club activities (likewise in real-life when I was in secondary school). I kept walking down the path and remembered it being a dark lane. Funnily enough I think I could see where I was going. I then saw a few people (unknown) with props and one of it was broken. I think was made out of Styrofoam and hand-painted. I did not take much notice to it and I found the stairs and climbed it. At the top, I found another 2 of my friends, called S, and T. (Both are friends whom I have met in my skating days in the Polytechnic who I respect very much. S is 1 year older than me, while T is 2 years younger than me.)

      They called out to me and greeted me. Not sure if it was coincidence, but they then started to talk about X. I could not remember what did they say/asked me, but it seems both were in consensus, like they have discussed it for awhile before talking/asking me whatever they were saying. I even forgotten what I replied them actually. (This was a critical info that I failed to recall when I woke up to log into my dream log.) Eventually it started raining and water started splashing back on us until they were drenched. But, they continued sitting there and talk about that topic. This is where I woke up, ending the first dream..

      Dream 2:
      This dream was weirder as I actually woke up once or twice in the midst of the dream and went back to the dream.

      I cannot remember the sequence of events totally, but I remember I was at the swimming pool with a few friends. V, who was my childhood friend whom I have not met in years since primary school and some of the guy friends in the girl, X's clique. I could not remember what was the conversation topic, but I'm pretty sure it was directed to me and my friend, V, suddenly mentioned X's name and the other guys' expressions were like "wow". I tried to motion him to keep quiet but when he blurted out, my mind went, "the damage was done. They knew." (In real life I am trying to keep things as low profile as possible. My guess is that a lot more people know about my interest in X.) (V and the other guys never met in real life!)

      At this point, I was called to wake up in real life as it was almost 3pm. I sort of knew the time was roughly right as I did check the clock prior to the dream happened at around past 10.30am. However, when I checked the time on my phone, it was 9:06am. So, I went back to sleep.

      Somewhere in between the timeline of the dream here onward, I woke up again, hoping to see a text message from X, there wasn't. Back in the dream, I took it to be no hope of getting closer to her.

      The next thing I knew was that I was in a hotel or some large school with a very complicated building layout. It is difficult to get around. (Truth in real life is that my school is now in a holding campus and will have its own school campus soon later this year.)

      I found myself heading out to participate in some exhibition or seminar* co-hosted by X. Many of the uni course-mates were there and I could identify a few of them at where I stood. The location of the exhibition was some sort of hall, with carpeted floor, two large posters were set-up for the event. There seemed to be a buffet spread and there were many people in the front of the hall. I didn't know what was served. I stayed away from attention and stood near to the entrance of the hall. But, somehow in the dream, I did ate something light.

      When the event started, the first thing I noticed from the crowd was X. She had done up her hair into a bundle and wearing a silver dress, greeting people. I was smiling and when I realized she took notice of me, I slipped out and walked out of the hall. I then realized I was wearing formal wear for the event.

      * When I was penning this down, I realized the event was not an exhibition or seminar as what I thought in the dream. It was a wedding.

      I was back at the Hotel/school, I was thinking on how to be more efficient in my workflow and I decided to visit the canteen in the school. There was no one actually wanting to go there as some sort of flashback in the dream. I could remember the food being served there; curry chicken, assorted vegetable dishes and there was a fruit stall at the centre of the canteen.

      I did not buy anything again and I walked out and up. I then came across a room, which I entered and asked for directions to another location to study a module. The room was beige generally and when I sat down, I noticed a stack of paper in the centre of the table. There was a lady who assisted me in my queries and directed me to the place with a schematic drawing of a map. I did not notice her features though. However, what spooked me was that before I left the room, she mentioned something along the line, "you all will move in here soon. By then you'll know".

      After I exited the room, the dream ended.

      Sorry for the long post. I do hope someone can help me in giving me insight of what the dream means if there are any meaning to it. If not, just leaving it here as a read!

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      Ok, my gut feeling tells me that the dreams literally are about your feeling for X, and that she means more to you then you are consciously willing to admit to yourself, and you are trying to downplay it, but at night your subconscious is basically asking you why do you seldom talk with her, why are you not trying to find her when you know where she is, why are you trying to keep your feelings a secret, why are you not trying to learn how to navigate this into a relationship, and yes you are walking in the dark when it concerns such feelings but you know where you want to go with this, and some part of you has wishful thinking that you could marry X or a girl like X. Yes, the layout of relationships and wooing a girl is complicated like a building or campus with complex layout, and your feelings are complicated, but you will make a move and then you will know (or you will remain confused until you do make a move).

      Edit: Note these dreams do not of course indicate whether or not you will be successful if/when you make the move toward X, but I think that they indicate that your subconscious thinks you ought to at least make a move.
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      Thanks for the interpretation. I do find and agree the points made are really valid in the questions I'm asking myself. In real life, X's current relationship status is unknown to me as various people are telling me different things but mostly do point that she have/had a r/s in the past.. But, I digress. That continuation is more for relationship advices already. haha. Thanks!
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