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    Thread: Vicious Owl

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      Vicious Owl

      Unfortunately I cannot remember the start of the dream but I'd got into a room where a number of small fury animals were all lined up on a table and down the side were a couple of farm yard animals ( believe a lamb and a calf) There were also two women sat down overseeing the animals. They were having a little chat. everything seemed calm. The idea was that you could pet them. I reached over the table towards a small owl (though my mind is saying it was a barn owl) I then glanced away, like something distracted me, and the owl got my fingers in its beak, and I couldn't release them. It then began to chug down my whole hand and started up my arm. One of the women grabbed the owl and tried to pull, but nothing was helping,(at this point I'm freaking out, there is a lot of fear about not being able to release it) then I woke up.

      Any thoughts on that?

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      Have you been going through a period of regularly being awake at night?
      If so this may be "eating" your energy & abilities.

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      Actually I have. I've got two children that generally sleep though but recently they have started playing up.
      Even last night I woke up 3 times before 1.30am and each time I thought it was time to get up.
      I'm also quite aware that a bad nights sleep really hampers your reaction times.
      Thank you for the reply!

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      It used to be that owls represented wisdom, but now thanks to Harry Potter they also are messengers. I wonder whether the pecking owl in your dream represents a nagging message that must reach you but you refuse to receive, perhaps?
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