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    Thread: Wondering soul

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      Wondering soul

      Hi again iwas waiting for an interpretation of my dream that didn't come nevertheless this is the dream that I had three days after Alien or What. I found myself up in the sky and it looked to me as if there was layers or levels and there was lots of traffic I could see lights coming from every direction like laser beam and there was people I could sense them but I couldn't see them because everybody was shouting that's God and they where looking at a figure who was standing on a top of a building that was reaching the sky ,the man because he looked like a normal man exept he was tall with dark skin not black with Afro like hair and strong feature ,when I heard them shouting God god and they where like crazy I got really upset and I looked at my right but down not the same level as and there was my sister Miriam and I shouted at her not to get confused that it was not God and I was really upset because she kept like the others saying God god ,and I just woke up.

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      Beware of popular false gods that others go crazy over like celebrities in the limelight?

      Also you seem to be worried about your sister that she may get confused, and you are protective of her.

      I think this dream and Alien or what are part of one series of spiritual dreams with your mind mulling over spiritual issues such as the question of your spiritual origin and who is God really.
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      I think the guy above is right. It's to do with people being fake in their worship for God. I think it's to do with the excessive amount of ritual associated with prayer and how 'different' it is to normal life and you don't want your sister to get caught up in all this. Hope that helps.
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