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    Thread: Premonition?

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      Hi all.u will tell me if its a premonition or not ,ten years ago I dreamt that I was in a house in the suburb of Tripoli witch at the time was not mine and i was on the roof top looking down at the street and the sea that was just across the highway ,and the place is called Janzour and it was around twenty kilometer from were I use to live ,and then a voice told me that when the sea will cause a flood here u will go to your other residence that was on a hillside , and of course I didn't have it at the time and I woke up . I always tell my husband about my dreams in the morning and we laughed about that one very much. But now I have the house at that same spot and the residence and I go on the rooftop and watch the sea ,for the residence there is a war going on Libya and my tells me we can always go there thinking that maybe the last part of my dream won't came true! So what do u think.
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      I do not know whether or not the last part will come true, nor why you have so many precognitive dreams (a gift?), but I do think that if it were me, I would wonder about this as well. It is certainly interesting.
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