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      Umbrellas dipped in water?

      The past 2 nights, I've been wildly remembering my dreams. They were all sorts of chaos and random things involving love, emotional breakdowns, and generally all sorts of feelings.

      But last night, I generally remembered one scene the most.

      I was with my friend, who was extremely drunk, in a college dorm one night. She's underaged and decided to go outside the room. I then ran to her and tried to drag her back to the room, but my prof, who was oddly walking down the hall, caught us. He brought us to a dark room filled with glowing blue water. It looked magical. And then, he gave us closed umbrellas, and told us to dip it in the glowing water. So we did, then he let us go back to the dorm.

      I don't remember the details of what happened after, but I remember that sometime after in my dream, when I left the dorm to go back to my place, everything just caught up to me. I saw a text, then I broke down in the middle of the sidewalk outside the building, and just laid there.

      If anyone can particularly help why the prof made us submerge closed umbrellas in water, please do. Umbrellas are a source of protection against emotions, but water is the embodiment of those emotions. But the umbrellas were closed, and particularly after, I had a nervous breakdown.

      Thanks :-)

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      Your higher wisdom is encouraging you to have more self-confidence in dealing with some social fear you're coming to realize.

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      Having the overall context of a dream always helps to improve its interpretation, so I’ve looked at all of your previous posts in order to get an idea about the general situation out of which the current dream has appeared.

      In your dream, you’re with a drunk, underage female friend in a college dormitory who leaves the room and you try to get her back in.

      Generally speaking, even though you’re gay, the image of a female in the dreams of a male usually relate to emotions and values.

      This seems to tie in with the fact that you mentioned how various recent dreams were full of strong feelings and emotional breakdowns etc.

      In a similar way, earlier posts deal with some form of emotional situation that is often very overwhelming, stressful or out of control (e.g. on a raft in the ocean surrounded by huge waves; wildly jet skiing inside a cruise ship; taking a hot steamy shower; on a beach where water is getting closer and closer; friend tries to commit suicide by falling off a ledge; another friend is stabbed and is bleeding to death while you emotionally beg bystanders to help but they do nothing; very frightened that you could fall from a helicopter into a pool full of sharks).

      In contrast, other posts deal with a kind of “shutdown” of any emotions (e.g. you answer the door to a Filipino man during a blizzard; you answer the door when there’s probably also a blizzard outside to a veiled Muslim woman who says you’re going to die, the house itself is cold; you’re totally calm while cutting off a part of your forefinger).

      So the idea could be that you might tend to be either too carried away by your emotions or shut them down too much at other times.

      If so, the dreams overall could be advising the need to work at this problem while you’re still young.

      And the current dream appears to reinforce this idea by the appearance of the prof and the pool of magical blue water.

      For example, a prof is usually connected to the ideas of thinking, “mind”, rational reflection and meaning.

      So his image might be hinting at the need to develop more fully this side of you to help counteract and slow down any emotions that could tend to get out of control too much.

      He takes you and the drunken girl to the pool of magically glowing blue water.

      The colour blue is usually connected to the intellect and thinking, so it’s natural that a prof would take you there because it’s kind of what he knows a lot about.

      The “waters of emotion” apparently can be calmed to a meaningful and spiritual blue by examining, for instance, thoughts that pop into your head to see if they’re really what you yourself believe or whether they’re just kind of “general opinions”, “common beliefs” etc. that don’t really fit who you are.

      By gradually strengthening your ability to sift through your thoughts in this and other ways, you’ll probably be able to stick more to a centered image of who you are (instead of maybe ending up swept away by emotions too often).

      For example, it’s natural for a young person to believe that he or she can do anything they want to but this can sometimes turn to something like being “possessed” by an unrealistic emotion.

      This might be what was going on around the time of the CN Tower collapse dream: the dream could have been hinting that no one would miss a “towering ego” if it were to “collapse” and “disappear” (no buildings hit, persons don’t care if it’s gone).

      Similarly, not improving your intellectual skills (e.g. in math class) could lead to “dizziness” and “fainting” (just like many feel when atop the CN Tower) from not being able to rein in an emotionally possessed ego.

      Earlier dreams about telekinesis and “being in paradise” were possibly dealing with similar “unrealistic” and “ungrounded” attitudes towards what you can reasonably achieve in relationships and career etc.

      Unfortunately, you’re under extra pressures to defend your ego and self-esteem in the face of continuing prejudices about being gay.

      So having a pet tiger in a dream could have been showing that you might have been tending to “play with” some potentially dangerous, destructive and deeply negative emotions (such as overwhelming rage and violence) in believing, for example, that you’ve fully accepted being gay and can, for instance, also handle the occasional hurtful taunts and prejudice etc. from others that could happen.

      Maybe this general idea also appeared in the current dream where, after leaving the dorm, you received a text and collapsed from a nervous breakdown.

      This leads to looking at what the umbrellas were about.

      The placing of the umbrellas in the magical, blue glowing water would have made them magic too.

      They could then keep the “rain” of inner emotional self-doubts (maybe ones that just appear out of the blue sometimes, or as the result of others saying things etc.) from falling on you in a protective way when needed.

      But maybe you didn’t take your umbrella with you when you left the dormitory and so had a “breakdown”, perhaps hinting that it won’t be easy at first for you to “think” about things instead of mostly relying on your emotions, therefore leaving yourself too open to “collapses”.

      To go more deeply into the symbolism of the umbrella, it’s helpful to look at the etymology of the word “umbrella”.

      It comes from the word “umbra” which in Latin means “shadow” or “shade”. The word “umbra” means: a phantom, a ghost, a specter; an inseparable companion, a hanger-on.

      So the overall meaning of this dream could be, perhaps from the idea that “like wards off like”, an “umbrella” that consists of the rational approach to things should be taken along most of the time in order to be there to ward off the phantoms, ghosts and specters of self-doubt etc. within you which could tend to “hang on” even though you understandably don’t want them to.

      Anyway I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way. You may also like “Same Sex Love”, a collection of interesting and helpful essays edited by Robert Hopcke, K.L. Carrington and Scott Wirth.

      Please feel free to ask any questions you might want to about this particular way of looking at your dream.

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